Where to Find a Delicious Treat for National Lemon Pie Day – August 15


National Lemon Pie Day is right around the corner. If you’re looking for a fun treat on August 15, Papa C’s Pies is the Nashville destination for incredible pies. And if you want to do something nice for a friend, you can ship a Lemon Icebox Pie to make their day.

About Lemon Icebox Pie

Similar to a key lime pie, the Lemon Icebox Pie offers a sweet and tangy treat. The graham cracker crust is made from scratch. In the filling, you’ll find real lemon juice with sweetened condensed milk.

For the ultimate topper, the pie has a rim of dollops of Swiss Meringue. The pie is deliciously smooth and the perfect way to celebrate summer.

About National Lemon Pie Day

Lemon in desserts is something that dates back to Medieval times. But that fluffy meringue topping that is classic on today’s pie is newer, likely coming from France in the 17th century. But lemon pie and meringue didn’t find each other for two more centuries.

The first lemon pie likely originated in Victorian England but was called Lemon Chester Pudding at the time. Cookbooks started listing lemon meringue pie recipes in 1869 but called them lemon cream pies.

Fun Facts About Lemon Pie

Looking to make a friend or family member’s day? Sit down and enjoy a piece of pie with them while discussing these fun facts about lemon pie.

  • Lemon Pie Day likely started around 2006, though there isn’t a clear origin for the national celebration.
  • Lemon trees bear fruit year-round because they grow in warmer clients. A mature lemon tree can yield 500-600 fruits each year.
  • One of the first use cases for lemons was scurvy prevention due to their high vitamin C content. Sailors often carried these fruits with them on their journeys. The recommendation was that sailors consume one ounce of fresh lemon juice each day.
  • Two states produce 95 percent of the US lemon crops. California and Arizona are well-known for their hospitable environments for growing lemons.
  • Unlike cherry, apple, and most fruit pies, lemon pie uses only one crust and is generally topped with meringue.

Is Lemon Pie Hard to Make?

Lemon pie does present some challenges for the novice baker. First, there’s the time-consuming task of squeezing fresh lemon juice unless you simplify the process with pre-squeezed lemon juice. And while that’s a viable option, it won’t taste quite as fresh.

The second challenge with making your own lemon pie is getting the meringue just right. A few tips that help make this simpler include the following:

  • Use fresh egg whites, not packaged
  • Ensure there is absolutely no yolk in the egg
  • Avoid overbeating the egg whites
  • Vinegar or cream of tartar can help stabilize the foam
  • Avoid plastic bowls, which can hold fat from previous recipes and deflate the meringue
  • Try to make your pie on a day with lower humidity
  • Watch the meringue closely while baking because it browns quickly

Where to Enjoy a Lemon Pie on August 15

Whether for a special occasion or just because, Papa C’s Pies is a great place to visit to pick up your favorite pie. You can pre-order your Lemon Icebox Pie and drive through for pickup on August 15. Visit the store at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood, TN 37027 or ship your pie anywhere in the US.

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