Opry Apologizes After Elle King’s Dolly Tribute Performance

photo by Donna Vissman

This past weekend, the Grand Ole Opry celebrated Dolly Parton’s 78th birthday.

While the Queen of Country Music was not in attendance, the show featured several artists performing a few of her most iconic songs.

Elle King performed at the Opry late show held at the Ryman on Saturday night. During her performance that has been shared on TikTok, King shared, “I’m …. hammered” as she forgot the words to “Marry Me.”

King continued to swear on stage and make up words to the song.

One attendee to the show shared on Twitter. Judas Belmont stated, “It was such a disappointment to spend $300 on tickets for a show where one of the artists ruined an entire night. I mean it’s The Opry, the greatest country venue in the world. That performance was like lackluster karaoke performer wasted out of their minds. Awful.”

Belmont added, “I wish she would’ve been there because Elle King ruined the night with her horrible, drunk, and profane performance. Dolly Parton would’ve been mortified. For our first time at The Opry, it was a shame we all had to witness that.”

The Opry replied to Belmont apologizing for the performance. Stating, “Hi Judas, we deeply regret and apologize for the language that was used during last night’s second Opry performance.”

Elle King has yet to publicly release a statement regarding the performance at the Opry. King is the daughter of actor Rob Schneider.

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