WK Kellogg Co Announces New Cereal Brand: Eat Your Mouth Off

eat your mouth off cereal

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., Jan. 4, 2024 – There’s a new option in the cereal aisle ready to redefine meals with high-protein and no-nonsense. With a legacy of innovation, WK Kellogg Co introduces its latest cereal brand, Eat Your Mouth Off, drawing inspiration from its century-old startup values. Eat Your Mouth Off [EatYourMouthOff.com] is an innovative, vegan cereal containing an impressive 22 grams of plant-based protein, 0 grams of sugar and 2 grams of net carbs or less per serving – all designed to leave eaters speechless.

Inspired by the unique needs of Gen Z and Millennial consumers, a small group of disruptors within WK Kellogg Co embarked on a mission to deconstruct traditional cereal, reimagine its purpose, and create something that resonates on a whole new level. The result, Eat Your Mouth Off, strives to push the boundaries of design and target a new audience with a fresh approach to taste and nutrition.

“It’s been just a year since this team, driven by curiosity and a hunger for something new, began envisioning cereal not only as a nutritious option, but as a way to inject fun into your breakfast, snack, or meal experience. From there, Eat Your Mouth Off was born as a brand that goes beyond being good for you; it’s so delicious that you’ll want to ‘Eat Your Mouth Off,” said Sadie Garcia, Senior Marketing Director. “Crafted specifically for Zillennials in pursuit of a brand that mirrors their unique personalities, our latest creation is an unfiltered expression of the no-nonsense ethos that we, as a brand, represent. There’s no sugarcoating here – it’s a high-protein option that doesn’t sacrifice taste.” Far from being defined as a typical cereal, Eat Your Mouth Off is designed to satisfy both taste buds and nutritional needs for any moment in the day, whether it’s breakfast, a snack or a quick meal.

The lineup includes two irresistible varieties to choose from: Fruity and Chocolate.

  • Fruity: A blast of fruity flavor from the past, with 0 g of sugar and a 100% plant-based recipe! All that deliciousness, and a whopping 22 grams of protein per bowl. Indulge in a bowl of perfectly toasted fruity puffs, without a speck of worry. Because being an adult is hard, but having a delicious bowl of Eat Your Mouth Off is easy.
  • Chocolate: Decadent puffs made with dark cocoa for the perfect bowl of protein-packed cereal. That’s 22 grams of protein per bowl. And if you thought that sounded good, it’s also got 0g of sugar, it’s 100% plant based, and so tasty, you’ll Eat Your Mouth Off. Bonus: once you’re done, drink up that chocolatey cereal milk.

Get ready to indulge in Eat Your Mouth Off and enjoy cereal like never before. Eat Your Mouth Off will be available at retailers nationwide starting this month. The suggested retail price for a 7.5-ounce box, which contains about five servings, starts at $8.99, but pricing is set by the retailer. For more information, visit www.EatYourMouthOff.com and follow Eat Your Mouth Off on Instagram , Facebook and TikTok.

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