Squeeze the Day and Celebrate National Key Lime Pie Day with Papa C Pies!


Sweet, southern citrus heaven. Key Lime Pie is a sublime treat that deserves all the limelight. And we’re excited to celebrate the most wonderful lime of the year: National Key Lime Pie Day is September 26!

While any lime gives a zesty punch of flavor, the Key lime is a unique little fruit with a stronger aroma than traditional Persian limes, a tarter flavor, and less acidity. They are also teeny tiny compared to their larger cousins and require much more elbow grease to squeeze enough juice for a pie!

Though the Key lime originates in Southeast Asia, it is now deeply associated with the Florida Keys. In fact, Florida has made the Key Lime Pie their official state pie. If you’re craving the zest pie around but can’t make it to the Keys, don’t worry! At Papa C Pies, we have you covered. 

Papa C Pies Key Lime Pie

Show yourself a good lime on September 26 and stop in for one of Papa C Pies’ Key Lime Pies! Our pie gets its flavor from Nellie & Joe’s authentic Key West Lime Juice from Key West, Florida. We mix up the juice, zest, sugar, and eggs and pour it into a delicious graham-cracker crust made in-house. We don’t draw the lime there, though! We top all that goodness with gorgeous dollops of Swiss Meringue for a classic Key Lime Pie look and taste. This pie requires refrigeration and is best served chilled, so visit our bakery to purchase and enjoy.

Papa C Pies Frozen Margarita Pie

You can really squeeze the day by adding a Frozen Margarita Pie to your order. This sassy pie might not be a traditional flavor, but it’s a bold addition to our menu. At first glance, this pie resembles Key Lime Pie but has some significant differences. Margarita Pie has a Snyder’s Hanover Salted Pretzel crust and a limey, creamy filling that includes tequila and triple sec. The alcohol content is small, but you can still taste that tequila kick. Serve our Frozen Margarita Pie chilled, and you’ll be just in lime for Happy Hour.

Papa C Pies

Papa C Pies Bakery is the loving product of three generations of pie enthusiasts. Handing down recipes and a love of baking through the family, you can taste the rich heritage in each of our handmade pies.

Our bakery is located in Cool Springs and is open Monday through Saturday. We always have a selection of pies available for purchase in our display case, or order ahead to ensure the size and flavor of your preference. Visit the store at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood, TN 37027, or ship a pie anywhere in the US.

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