Country Artist Jelly Roll Sued by Wedding Band Over Use of Name

photo by Ashley Osborn

Country artist Jelly Roll is being sued by a Pennsylvania wedding band, that goes by the name Jellyroll, for alleged trademark infringement, reports WSMV.

Plaintiff Kurt L. Titchenell claims in the lawsuit he has had the trademark for the name Jellyroll since 2010 and has used “Jellyroll” for a band name since the 1980s, before Jelly Roll was born. Jellyroll is well-known throughout the northeast United States and even performed for George W. Bush at the White House, Titchenell claims in the lawsuit.

With the recent fame of country artist Jelly Roll, the wedding band is not appearing as high in Google searches, hurting the wedding band’s business.

The country artist Jelly Roll (Jason Deford) has said in numerous interviews that his mother gave him his nickname at a young age. Professionally, Jelly Roll has used the name since he began in music in 2003. At this time, Jelly Roll has not commented on the lawsuit.

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