What is Going On With Buc-ee’s in Murfreesboro?

photo courtesy of Buc-ee\\\\’s

Good news! Construction plans for the future site of the Murfreesboro Buc-ee’s are moving forward. The Murfreesboro Bucee’s will be located along Joe B. Jackson and I-24.

City officials stated, last month, that construction for Buc-ee’s was paused due to the awaiting delivery of necessary pipes. Once delivered, construction is expected to resume.

Back in December, City Council gave approval for the construction project that will realign Butler Drive and enhance traffic flow ahead of the anticipated convenience store and travel center. During the February 27 meeting, the city approved the construction of an additional sewer forcemain to the Butler Drive project as the area does not have sewer service.

The City stated the new Buc-ee’s and other developments moving forward in the area has expedited the timeline of construction for the Butler Drive Realignment project.

The massive convenience store will operate on 76,245 square feet along Joe B. Jackson and I-24. It will feature 120-fueling pumps, electric charging stations, and walking trail.

If you have never heard of Buc-ee’s, it is a mega-sized gas and convenience store. In fact, they hold some world records. According to the Buc-ee’s website, the Sevierville store is the largest convenience store in the world at 74,707 square feet and the Katy, TX location has the world’s longest car wash, clocking in at 255 feet of conveyor. They are also known for their clean bathrooms. In 2012, according to their website, Cintas ran a nationwide restroom contest and the New Braunfels, TX location took top honors.

Beginning in 2009, all Buc-ee’s became Texas-sized convenience stores.

Founded in 1982 by Arch “Beaver” Aplin, III, he is currently the CEO. His mother gave him the nickname “Bucky Beaver” when he was a child. It came from an old cartoon Ipana toothpaste commercial from the 1950s. The nickname stuck, and the logo for the company became Buc-ee the Beaver. The logo serves as a guiding light to those driving along highways in Texas and now other parts of the Southeast.The “Buc-ee Beaver” logo is stamped on all kinds of items, including t-shirts, bathing suits, and even the cowboy boots that Aplin proudly wears. And the Buc-ee Beaver logo is loved by kids all-over the state of Texas.

This will be the third Buc-ee’s location in Tennessee. The other Tennessee locations are in Crossville and Sevierville. Buc-ee’s will also open a new location on June 24th in Smiths Grove, Kentucky.

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