What Does FDA Approved and Chemo Rated Mean?


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In this time of COVID and other ailments, Personal Protective Equipment has never been more important. And while you might use this equipment every day, there’s a difference in how each item protects you. Whether it’s gloves or hand sanitizer, Empire Managed Solutions has PPE’s that are FDA approved and chemotherapy approved, meaning you get the best of the best. You and your employees deserve the protection that will last, and that’s rated to the highest standards to keep them safe.

But what is FDA approval and what does it mean to have a chemo rating for PPE’s? What are the benefits of using PPE’s that have these ratings?

Let’s take a look.

FDA Approval

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration is a U.S. department that is responsible for ensuring food and materials used for food handling are safe for use by the public. It’s a division of the Health and Human Services department.

The FDA provides rules and guidelines on how materials are made and how they’re used. Any PPE’s that are food compliant are considered “food safe” and the term may be used to describe these products.

FDA approval is important for PPE’s as it opens up uses in the foodservice space and conforms with all requirements established by the FDA for safe food handling.

Chemo Rating and PPE’s

Due to the potential health hazards of working with chemotherapy drugs, exposure to the drugs should be kept to an absolute minimum. Using chemo-rated PPE’s helps minimize this risk by preventing skin exposure to the drugs.

It’s important to note that chemo ratings are typically applied to latex and nitrile gloves as vinyl gloves have increased permeability leading to a greater risk of exposure.

In order to achieve chemo rating, the gloves must undergo specific tests that include handling of chemotherapy drugs and must pass within certain parameters to be considered. If the gloves pass, they’re provided the chemo rating and are safe for healthcare providers working in the oncology departments.

Another important consideration is the length of the gloves. In order to be chemo compliant, the glove’s cuff must be long enough to reach the sleeve of the wearer.

No matter your use case, using PPE’s that are rated specifically for your occupation will not only provide protection for the wearer but also for the customers and patients that come to know your establishment or services. With COVID and the occupational hazards that come with it, why skimp on your PPE’s?

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