Troubleshooting Common Internet Service and Technology Issues


Getting set up with or troubleshooting internet service issues shouldn’t be complicated. And if you can’t find the answers you need from reading help articles, getting in touch with a friendly and helpful technician from the service you pay for should be easy.

United Communications has one of the best industry Net Promoter scores, which measures customer satisfaction, loyalty and sentiment toward a company. The company prides itself on high-quality interactions with every customer.

To help you troubleshoot common internet service and technology issues, they provided these helpful FAQs.

FAQs from United Communications – Middle Tennessee’s Leading Internet Service Provider

If you’re experiencing issues with your internet service or accompanying technology, read through these common questions and answers from United Communications.

What Kind of Router Do I Need with Fiber Service?

A dual-band (or higher) gigabit capable router, with ethernet input. As a customer of United, you can also rent one for $9.95/month and the team will fully support the router with updates and replacement as needed.

Can You Help Me Sign into My Streaming Service?

Your internet service provider can help make sure you have an internet connection. If you need help signing into subscribed streaming services, you will need to reach out to the streaming service provider.

Why Is There a Red Light on My Router?

A red light on your router means something is wrong, typically it isn’t connecting to the internet.

Why Doesn’t My Wi-Fi Work Outside of My Home?

Your Wi-Fi service typically does not extend very far beyond your home. Building materials, such as walls, especially exterior walls, will deteriorate the Wi-Fi signal. If away from home, you may be able to connect to other available open Wi-Fi networks, such as public Wi-Fi at parks and businesses.

My Power Just Went Out. Why Isn’t My Internet Working?

Internet service provider equipment and your router require power to operate. If your power comes back online, but your internet is still off, please check to verify the outlet it is plugged into still has power. The breaker or GFCI switch may have tripped.

Why Won’t My Router Turn On?

Verify the power cord is plugged in securely to your router. If it is and still won’t turn on, verify the outlet it is plugged into also has power. You can check this by plugging in a phone charger, hair dryer, etc.

What Kind of Modem Do I Need on Fiber?

With United’s fiber, you will not need a modem, but rather an optical network terminal (ONT). The ONT receives the transfer of data via the fiber line and converts it to an ethernet connection.

Why Does My TV Start Buffering Whenever I Use the Microwave?

Some equipment, such as microwaves, can cause drastic interference with a Wi-Fi signal. Your router should not be installed near a microwave to avoid loss in coverage.

My Router Is in the Basement. Why Can’t I Use Wi-Fi on the 3rd Floor?

Wi-Fi signal deteriorates when going through building materials, such as walls and floors. The more rooms and floors between you and your wireless router, the less likely you will have a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you have several floors in your home and experience a loss of Wi-Fi signal, you may consider adding a mesh unit or Wi-Fi extender to improve coverage.

Why Won’t My Wi-Fi Extender Work in the Barn?

A Wi-Fi extender or mesh unit uses your existing Wi-Fi signal to create an additional access point. A typical wireless router will not extend very far outside of the home. If you need an access point in an outside building, such as a barn, you may need to hardwire (connecting via ethernet cord) the mesh unit or extender to the original wireless router.

Finding Reliable Internet Coverage in Middle Tennessee

United Communications offers reliable internet coverage throughout middle Tennessee and is regularly adding new coverage in under-connected areas as part of Project Unite. Check availability in your area to see if you can access one of the leading internet service providers with outstanding support and customer service.

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