Tennessee Has the 3rd Highest Resignation Rate in the U.S., According to WalletHub Study


The “Great Resignation” continues as workers continue to quit their jobs across the country. In May, 2022 WalletHub released a report ranking each state in terms of its resignation rate. At the time, Tennessee was ranked at number 17. WalletHub has updated their resignation report and the study now ranks Tennessee as the third highest state in the country for job resignations.

They ranked 50 states on  on how frequently people are leaving their places of employment. In the report, Tennessee’s resignation rate for the last month was 4.30% and the resignation rate over the past 12 months was 3.40%.

Ahead of Tennessee is Kentucky and Georgia takes the top spot, with 3.80 percent and 3.98 percent overall resignations.

In regards to “The Great Resignation”, Joshua L. Rosenbloom (Professor and Department Chair, Department of Economics, Iowa State) says ”Unlike a commodity market, where a relatively uniform product is traded, the labor market involves matching individual workers with jobs that have quite varied characteristics. There is always a certain amount of turnover due to people exiting work for retirement and new entrants seeking the right job. When unemployment is low and demand is strong, workers may quit because they are offered a better job elsewhere or because they are confident that the tight labor market will allow them a better opportunity soon.”

On the map below, you can hover over a state to see where it ranks in resignations.

Source: WalletHub

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