Which State Has the Highest Job Resignation Rate?

photo from Befunky
photo from Befunky

With Americans quitting their jobs at record rates during the so-called “Great Resignation,” WalletHub released its report on 2022’s States With the Highest Job Resignation Rates.

Tennessee doesn’t make the top ten but comes in at number 17 on the list. The state with the highest resignations is Alaska followed by Florida. The state with the least amount of resignations is New York.

Below is a look at the top ten states with the highest resignation rates and those with the least.

Quitting the Most Quitting the Least
1. Alaska 42. Iowa
2. Florida 43. New Jersey
3. Arizona 44. Maryland
4. South Carolina 45. Minnesota
5. Georgia 46. Maine
6. Mississippi 47. Pennsylvania
7. Nevada 48. Massachusetts
8. North Carolina 49. Connecticut
9. Wyoming 50. District of Columbia
10. Alabama 51. New York


“The main reason for higher resignations is that more people are leaving previous jobs for new and better ones. The labor market has been quite strong over the past few months and firms are heavily competing for scarce workers. At the same time, we have seen inflation reach its highest rates in four decades. Individual firms and industries respond to this differently. Some can raise wages to keep up with inflation but many are not. Workers will naturally shift toward those offering higher wages and leave those where real wages (wages adjusted for inflation) are falling. Furthermore, if wages for existing workers are stickier than wages for new workers, some workers may need to change employers even in the same industry to get competitive wages. Finally, the economic disruptions during the pandemic gave many workers an opportunity, and sometimes a necessity, to try new things including new jobs,” shared John Winters – Professor, Iowa State University; Past President, Southern Regional Science Association.

Find the entire report here.

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