State Fire Marshal’s Office Warns Business Owners, Consumers About Phony Fire Inspector

Photo from SFMO

The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (“SFMO”) is alerting Tennessee business owners and residents about the alleged unlicensed and illegal activity of an individual who claims to be a SFMO inspector.

The individual, who has not been identified, allegedly enters businesses claiming that he represents the SFMO and that he needs to inspect the business’s fire suppression system. He has been seen in Tullahoma and McMinnville.

Anyone with knowledge about this individual’s identity and activity is urged to immediately file a complaint with the SFMO by calling their office at (615) 532-6391 or contacting your local law enforcement agency.

Additionally, any businesses that have used this individual’s services should contact a licensed service provider to perform the required inspection, testing, and maintenance of their fire suppression system.


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