Sheriff’s Office Warns Residents of Phone Spoofing Scam

phone spoofing
Photo from Wilson County Sheriff

From Wilson County Sheriff’s Office

We recently had an elderly resident who became victim to a scam of $3500 through a spoofing method using our non-emergency phone line. Spoofing continues to lure residents through a variety of intimidation tactics that include, but not limited to:

• Using our non-emergency phone number (615-444-1412) through spoofing technology that will display our number on your caller ID
• Give you a legit employee name, including rank, from the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office
• Threaten you with arrest due to non-payment of legal fees or failure to report to Jury Duty
• Will tell you to let them know your beginning and ending mileage as you go to a specified location to purchase gift cards; then have you to call them with the serial number off the cards for access to the amount that it was purchased for. (This tactic is used by them in an attempt to make you feel like they are watching you)

We ask that you please share this information not only on social media, but with other family members who do not have social media accounts. Please remember to never give out any personal identifying information (account numbers, Social Security numbers, passwords, etc.). If you ever receive a call that involves you getting some sort of prepaid gift cards or giving out personal information, just simply hang up.

If you become a victim of a scam or want to report one, please contact your local law enforcement agency.

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