Ray Stevens Announces Final Year of Performances at CabaRay Showroom

photo by Angela Talley

Country Music Hall of Fame member Ray Stevens announced his final run of live concerts at his West Nashville CabaRay Showroom. The legendary singer-songwriter will be performing shows beginning March 16 and plans to continue through December of this year

Since opening CabaRay six years ago, Stevens has performed hundreds of concerts at the CabaRay. Now, as he approaches age 85, Stevens says he is ready to slow down a bit. But not quite retire.

“I plan to stop performing regularly at my CabaRay Showroom here in Nashville at the end of 2024, but I’ll be going to work every day in my recording studio and maybe I’ll do a few, a very few, shows in some old familiar places,” he explains. “I’m definitely slowing down but I haven’t come to a complete stop. Not yet, anyway!”

Ahead of his formal season of shows, Stevens will also perform a special Valentine’s Day live concert on February 14.

Tickets for Stevens’ last run of concerts at CabaRay are on-sale now and can be purchased online at raystevenscabaray.com or by calling 615-327-4630.

CabaRay is located in West Nashville at 5724 River Road.

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