Quad-State Tornado Destroys Homes and Kills Many


Last night was absolutely devastating for several states. In the later hours of the evening, a tornado touched down in Arkansas and travelled over 300 miles and was on the ground for hours.

This tornado caused lots of damage and travelled from Arkansas to Missouri, Tennessee and Kentucky. As for now, Kentucky has reported 70 deaths. Unfortunately, that number many increase as clean up and recovery continues over today and the weekend.

Majority of the severe weather moved through late last night as residences were sleeping. Homes have been demolished and very few are left standing that were in the path of the tornado.

The graphic shown above is from NOAA’s Severe Storms Laboratory. Where there is a blue line, NOAA states that, “The highest values in blue are often associated w/violent tornadoes.” Officials along with the National Weather Service will be conducting damage surveys to really analyze the strength of this tornado.

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