Pontoon Boat Essentials: What Are They?


Ready for your pontoon rental? We know the feeling, but it’s hard to know what you should pack to make the most of your boat rental experience.

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Not to worry! We’ve thought of all the essentials and have compiled a list for your reference. Let’s dive in!

Energy Snacks

Who doesn’t love food?

And when you’re out in the sun all day, you’ll get hungry. The more nourishing the food you pack, the better your experience so be sure to include foods that provide plenty of energy.

Granola bars are a great start, but be sure to stay away from sugary foods and fried snacks such as potato chips. You’ll want to make sure you pack good stuff to keep you moving as you enjoy the boat.

Water, Water, Water

Being out in the sun all day when fishing or having family time can pose a very serious risk.

Whether the sun is beating down on you while you boat around or you spend the day swimming or being pulled on a tube, you’ll get dehydrated. And you might not know it until it’s too late. Be sure to keep water on you at all times and drink as often as practical.

Make sure you have plenty of water on board!

Trash & Disposal Bags

You don’t want to leave a mess on the rental boat so pack a trash bag to keep things fresh once you’re ready to head home.

Keep the bags handy so you can trash items conveniently and avoid polluting the lake area.

What’s great about trash bags is that they can also hold any wet clothing if you go for a swim!

Blanket or Extra Jacket

The weather can change in a moment and even the smallest change in wind can mean a cold experience. Pack blankets for you and your passengers to keep everyone warm.

The type of blanket you take can also make quite a difference. For example, a cotton one will soak through very quickly and will make you colder. Wool isn’t much better in the wet, but it will keep you warmer.

Extra Toiletries

Bring toilet paper, paper towels, sunscreen, and general items you need for hygiene! You’d be surprised at how often these are useful and it’s better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

Go Out And Enjoy Your Pontoon!

Now that you have these items at the ready, you’re all set to enjoy your pontoon rental.

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