National Pie Day is January 23rd: Read About How This Local Bakery’s Family Traditions Inspired Their Love of Pie



Pie might be one of the most quintessential American foods. For every holiday throughout the year, there’s a pie you can expect on the dessert table. This deceptively complex dish has a rich history in our country, and we all have our favorite versions of the pie flavors we love. Particularly in the South, family pie recipes are guarded treasures, and these traditional recipes get handed down from generation to generation.

Local Cool Springs bakery, Papa C Pies, is the product of the South’s traditions with pie. For National Pie Day this January 23rd, we invite you to learn more about Papa C Pies and to take a visit to their bakery for an extraordinary slice of pie.

It All Started with Grandma Elsie 

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Chad Collier, the owner of Papa C Pies, says their family business owes their recipes and love of pie to Grandma Elsie, “My Grandmother always made the most delicious apple pies. One year during the holiday season, we asked her to write down her recipes. She couldn’t do it! She said she didn’t learn from a recipe – her mother (my great-grandmother) taught her by making the pies with her.” 

Chad’s father – beloved Papa C, for whom the bakery is named – learned to bake alongside Grandma Elsie and carried on the tradition by teaching Chad. Elsie always said, “You need to see and feel the ingredients come together” for the most delicious pie. 

Three Generations of Baking Pies

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Through three generations of the family, the Colliers have followed in Elsie Mae’s footsteps by making pies in the same tradition using her apple pie recipe. Papa C (who gets his name from his grandchildren because of their last name) inspired Chad to open the bakery as an ode to their family traditions. Someday, when his children are old enough, Chad plans to pass down the pie traditions to the fourth generation by making apple pies together the old-fashioned way. 

Get a Taste of Homemade Pie 

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You can get a taste of Elsie’s exceptional apple pie recipe today – it’s the exact recipe for the classic Apple Pie on the menu at Papa C Pies! From this first recipe, many additional flavors have been added to the bakery’s menu of options. But they always start with premium, high-quality ingredients, just like Grandma Elsie would buy. 

As Chad says, “When you make something often enough, and you love to make it, you don’t need a piece of paper to tell you how.” Each pie created by Chad and the bakers at Papa C Pies is handmade; you can taste the love in every bite. 

Visit Papa C Pies on January 23rd and Celebrate National Pie Day with a Slice of Pie!

While you might have a craving for Apple Pie after reading about such a time-honored tradition, the menu at Papa C Pies is full of delightful flavors for you to try!

Visit Papa C Pies at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, in Brentwood. The store is open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 6:30 pm, and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. Short on time? Swing through their drive-through or order ahead for pickup or shipping today!

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