Gnash Brings 25 Years of Happiness to Smashville

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January 17, 2024 – Smashville, as we celebrate the Nashville Predators 25th Anniversary season, we would be remiss to not discuss the true cornerstone of this organization.

He is not only the face of the franchise, but, let’s be honest, the real reason Bridgestone Arena is packed on a nightly basis. Honestly, this writer doesn’t see the team having any kind of success without this sole individual in Nashville. I am, of course, referring to Gnash, the Predators loveable, smart, athletic, strong, generous, affectionate, charming, courageous, graceful, amusing and extremely humble mascot.

Gnash has attended every Preds home game since the inaugural season in 1998. He has been a fan favorite from day one and holds the record for most plushies sold at the team store during this time. And it’s not just the fans who adore Gnash, celebrities ask Gnash for pictures. Even great athletes get star struck in his presence. Did you know Gnash once defeated Wayne Gretzky in a game of one-on-one hockey? Sure, it was bubble hockey, but hockey nonetheless.

When the Predators needed a sellout, Gnash climbed to the top of the Bridgestone Arena spire and pledged to not come down until the next home game sold out. He was there for 10 days through March storms and tornado warnings, but because of his efforts, the game was sold out and Gnash rappelled down the tower to open the doors for the fans. Indeed, over the years Gnash has broken bones for Smashville. Broken paws, collarbones, ribs and even a leg couldn’t keep this Herculean specimen from showing up for the fans and supporting the boys in Gold. If Gnash has nine lives, he has given multiple to Smashville over the last 25 years and does not regret doing so.

Gnash reportedly taught the Voice of the Predators Pete Weber how to call games and utilize his voice so the people not in attendance could enjoy the game at home or work. Since working with Pete, Gnash has pledged to let his actions speak for him and seldom makes any noise. Like a great channel catfish forging upstream, Gnash upholds his vow of silence with great resilience and stoic determination.

Speaking of catfish, did you know that the first one thrown onto the ice at 501 Broadway was actually Gnash’s lunch? As the story goes, Gnash’s freezer had broken and the cat was looking for a place to keep it cool. He didn’t know that his action would start one of the greatest traditions in hockey… Or did he?

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