Mt. Juliet Police’s LPR System has Recovered 142 Stolen Cars Since 2020


Once #MJGuardianShield started-up and the first license plate reader of the official program was installed in April 2020, LPRs have led to 142 stolen cars recovered, 100 wanted persons apprehended, 4 missing adults & 5 missing children reunited with their families, and 5 stolen trailers recovered. Not counted are the countless times officers have pushed criminals driving stolen cars back out of our community and the many criminal investigations that have been advanced. The program has solved many criminal investigations, intercepted dangerous criminals before harm could be committed to any of our community members, and quickly recovered many stolen vehicles for victims.

While we can’t directly point to LPRs for Mt. Juliet’s crime rate decrease, Crimes Against Persons are down 10%, and Crimes Against Property are down 20%. Burglary is down 34%, robbery is down 67% (lowest ever since 2004), car burglary is down 41% (lowest ever since 2004), car theft is down 29% (lowest ever since 2016), shoplifting is down 42% (lowest ever since 2014). Stolen property offenses rose 11% (highest ever reported), but that is the crime stat generated when our officers recover stolen property and charge someone possessing such.

We are grateful for the continued strong support from our community. Additionally, we are thankful for our officers, their commitment, bravery, and efforts to intercept known criminal elements, even dangerous armed carjacking and wanted murder suspects– all of which this program has led to their apprehension.

To learn more about the Guardian Shield LPR program, visit: .


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