Man Charged with Threatening Mass Violence at Nashville School

Belmont United Methodist Church, Damian Rucker
Belmont United Methodist Church, Damian Rucker

One man was arrested after Metro Nashville Police say he entered a church and became aggressive on July 7.

Officers responded to an aggressor call at Belmont United Methodist Church, which houses a daycare for 50+ kids. Police say the man was able to gain access after jumping a fence.

Damian Rucker, 39, jumped a playground fence and entered the building as persons were exiting. Officers, including some who were first on the scene at The Covenant School, rushed inside & systematically began looking for him. Rucker was found on the 3rd floor, away from any kids.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Rucker has been charged with threatening mass violence in a school, aggravated criminal trespassing, and making a false report of an emergency (for threatening to blow up the building).

Rucker possessed no weapons or harmful material.

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  1. I know this man, he is my fiance. He is a man of God. If anyone actually cared to ask what was really going on….. He has been dealing with a mental illness/undiagnosed for the last 3 weeks. Please do not judge this man, he is a caring, loving a man who wears his heart on his sleeve. All he wants is peace in his head. Even without the peace (including none while sleeping) he has never doubted his faith or the Lord.

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