Gov. Lee Appoints Lebanon Mayor Rick Bell to Local Government Planning Advisory Committee


Governor Bill Lee has appointed Lebanon Mayor Rick Bell to the Local Government Planning Advisory Committee as a Representative of the Local Government. Mayor Bell was sworn in on November 1.

“I was honored to be appointed by Governor Lee to work with other local government officials on the Government Planning Advisory Committee,” Mayor Bell said. “I’m looking forward to collaborating and making recommendations to the Governor and Tennessee State Legislature about important local issues.”

The committee has the duty to exercise the powers over regional planning commissions.

Governor Lee stated in his letter to Mayor Bell:

“In the thorough, aggressive search for candidates, your individual characteristics and professional qualifications were exceptional among the number of nominees who expressed interest. I consider it very important to ensure that Tennessee’s boards and commissions are filled with the most dedicated and qualified citizens. I believe that your participation is certain to leave a positive impact on this board and the work it does.”

According to TN code 4-3-727, “There is created a local government planning advisory committee composed of seven (7) officers of local governments to be appointed by the governor for a term of four (4) years; provided, that four (4) of the members shall be appointed for an initial term of four (4) years and three (3) for an initial term of two (2) years.


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