Officials Apply for Grant to Renovate Don Fox Park in Lebanon


As a result of completing its first ever Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the city of Lebanon is applying for a grant through the State of Tennessee. Thanks to the Lebanon City Council’s approval on Tuesday, February 6, the Director of the Jimmy Floyd Family Center, Alex Major, is applying for the LPRF Grant to renovate Don Fox Park.

The renovation would include:
• Converting the current wading pool to a splash pad.
• Resurfacing the area around the playground equipment (in the main section).
• Encircling the playground area with a sidewalk.

The City of Lebanon would be responsible for 50 percent of the funds, and the State would reimburse the city for the other 50 percent, totaling $700,000.

“We are excited about the opportunity to apply for a grant that would impact many people in our community by modernizing our most popular city park. I appreciate Mayor Bell and the Lebanon City Council supporting this grant application,” Alex Major said at Tuesday evening’s City of Lebanon council meeting.

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