Cherry Pies Have A National Holiday Too


A delicious fruit pie with tons of flavor and character. There’s also fun history behind what makes this pie unique. Whether it’s an outright ban on them or their serious consideration as a breakfast food. Cherry pies are fun and delicious.

Let’s explore what makes cherry pies unique and a delicious treat for everyone who loves pie.

Fun Facts About Cherry Pies

While not the most popular pie in the states, Cherry pies hold a niche cult like status among some pie lovers!

Those who love the fruit will rejoice as cherry tends to come forward out of everything you taste in each slice. Cherry pie is the fifth most popular pie in the US. Edged out of the top ranks by Apple, Pumpkin, Pecan, and Banana Cream pie.

Cherry Pie might have also caused some legal problems for those in Kansas. It was illegal to serve ice cream on cherry pie for some time in the state. We have questions about this. What if you ordered ice cream on the side to mix with each bite of cherry pie? Is it still illegal?

In the 19th century, cherry pies were served as breakfast foods. The perfect way to start a long day of work and get your calories in. Cherry pie was common enough to be considered a normal breakfast food, and was welcome as a replacement for eggs, toast, or biscuits. Could you imagine delicious cherry pie for breakfast?

A quick trip overseas, the UK banned cherry pie in the 17th century, because of how tasty it was. They considered it to be a pagan form of pleasure and for almost two decades, pie-eating went underground and did well.

The wealthy English were known for their “surprise” cherry pies which had live creatures in them that would sometimes pop out and surprise the person eating it. Talk about a surprise, how would you feel receiving a delicious cherry pie with a surprise creature?

National Cherry Pie Day

In honor of National Cherry Pie day, Papa C Pies is offering delicious cherry pie, delivered, or for pick up. And don’t worry, it’s no longer illegal to have ice cream with you cherry pie, and we promise not to include any surprise critters in your pie. To take advantage, order your pie here!

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