Brentwood High Battles Back, Busts Brentwood Academy


Brentwood High School was buzzing in anticipation for what would end up being a war between two of the major schools in the city. The highly touted Brentwood Academy Eagles came into Brentwood High coming off a tough loss while the Bruins were riding high afer a big win and were looking to show everyone they are just as good as BA.

The Bruins looked to establish the run early, coming out on offense and hitting the Eagles with 5 powerful runs. However a dropped pass on 3rd down caused the Bruins to have to punt the ball to the 2nd ranked QB in 2025, George MacIntyre, who immediately hit a receiver deep down the sideline with a beautiful pass on his first attempt. The Brentwood defense rose to the occasion as they would have to continue to do on a consistent basis to defeat their local rival. Unfortunately for the Bruins, they didn’t keep MacIntyre off the scoreboard long as he walked in untouched on a read option on the Eagles’ next possession and then added two points on a swinging door two-point conversion play making it 8-0 Brentwood Academy. For his own part, Brentwood’s quarterback, Baylor Hayes, was dynamic and making plays of his own. His throws on the run were accurate and he was extending plays with his legs. He was doing everything he could to play up to the level of his BA counterpart and had succeeded through one quarter of play, but his receivers were struggling with drops.

BA was threatening after running most of the clock in the second quarter. They found themselves in a 4th and 4 situation in the red zone with a decision to make. Up 8-0 with 6 minutes to go in the half and receiving the ball after the half, going for it didn’t seem like the worst idea and MacIntyre was saying the same thing to his sideline from the field, asking his coach to quickly send in the crucial fourth down play with a persuasive “let’s go” motion of his hand. But in the end, the more rational option was decided on and Coach Gill opted for a field goal to push the Eagles’ advantage to 11-0 with 5:45 to go in the half. The Bruins needed a response before halftime and with 2:00 left on the clock they were in a position to do so thanks to a couple of effective screen passes. Hayes had led his team down the field and was rewarded with putting his own name in the scoresheet with a QB sneak. The PAT was successful and we went to the break with BA holding on to a 11-7 lead.

BA started the second half with the ball looking to extend their lead but a huge fourth and short stop by the Bruins sent them off the field. The Eagles struck right back however with an interception, but Brentwood turned them away once more. The game was turning into a war of attrition. Who would take advantage of the new half first and establish some sort of control? Hayes struck first with a beautiful ball that set the Bruins up in scoring position with three minutes to go in an extremely back and forth third quarter. However, the back and forth would continue as The Eagles turned away the Bruins on a fourth down stop inside the 20-yard line after Brentwood declined to tie the game at 11 all with a field goal. The momentum was still up for grabs. It was anyone’s game. MacIntyre, not to be outdone, responded with a bomb of his own to set up the Eagles in scoring position. This time, BA would leave no doubt, as MacIntyre connected with Tamari Hill for the Touchdown putting The Eagles up 18-7 with 1:20 to go in the third quarter.

As the fourth quarter began, Brentwood’s response was crucial and they were having to overcome adversity with one or two players going down per play with cramps with how hot it was even with the sun down. Hayes understood the assignment and put the team on his back. The Bruins drove the field and made the plays they absolutely had to have as time was beginning to become a factor and punched the ball in for six and cut BA’s lead to 18-13 after a failed two-point conversion. You can see both scoring plays below.


The Bruins needed a stop as The Eagles looked to close the game out. A huge hit and break up of a pass but the Eagles were in a fourth-and-six situation. It was decision time, and the coach chose to put the ball in the hands of his second-ranked quarterback. You can see the play below.

An interception. Maybe only a little worse than a punt but an interception all the same. The bottom line was the Bruins put Hayes and the offense back on the field with 7:00 to go in the game down five. The first play out, another drop. The Bruin Wideouts were going to have to step up late, and on the very next play, Miller Orum did just that, hauling in a 30-yard pass from Hayes followed by a 25-yard reception by Clayton Merrill. After progressing the ball to the goal line the Eagles defense rattled off three straight stone wall stops. The game looked as though it had come down to a 4th and less than 1 that you can watch below including a great angle of the fourth play shot by Brentwood Middle School’s Woods Hammond.

Four. Straight. Stops. With 2:35 to go and the Bruins left with one time out, the Eagles could close it out but they were going to have to do it from underneath their own goalpost. The Brentwood defense rattled off three stops of their own and forced BA to punt, giving their offense one last shot with 2:00 to go in the game. After a fantastic punt, the Brentwood offense was going to have to drive 50 yards. The Bruins moved the ball effectively and were helped by a pass interference call that both sidelines felt very differently about. Then with a minute to go – 1st and goal to go – Hayes scrambles, makes a man miss and runs over another into the end zone. The two point conversion was good and the score was now 21-18 Brentwood.

MacIntyre would still have an opportunity to lead the Eagles down the field to tie or win. With 58 seconds remaining. BA used that 58 seconds beautifully, taking what the defense was giving them and quickly pushing upfield. With 6 seconds to go, they were only left with one option. a field goal of around 40 yards. See the outcome below.

Blocked. Stunned. Brentwood 2-0. BA 0-2. The students were rushing out onto the field and nobody was stopping them Friday night. Brentwood, coming from behind, beats Brentwood Academy 21-18.


Our MVP is Baylor Hayes. Baylor had an outstanding game and always rose to the occasion when his team needed him. His leadership and the impact he has on his teammates is palpable and you can see why in my interview with him below. I could barely get through the interview because everyone on the field had to come see the guy that they look to to set the tone and lead the team and congratulate him on his performance. It was awesome to see, really.


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