Beyonce’s New Country Songs Features Nashville Collaborators

photo from YouTube

During the Big Game on Sunday, Beyonce announced new music with Nashville ties.

Releasing two country songs ‘Texas Hold’Em” and “16 Carriages” are part of the second act of her full country album Act II, out in March.

“Texas Hold ‘Em” opens with a banjo riff performed by Nashville musician Rhiannon Giddens.

Giddens shared on social media after the release, “I woke up yesterday morning to new music from Beyoncé, featuring none other than my banjo and viola playing throughout. On the heels of her SUPER BOWL commercial album announcement, her single “Texas Hold ‘Em” is the first off her new country record, #actii.”

She continued, “The beginning is a solo riff on my minstrel banjo – and my only hope is that it might lead a few more intrepid folks into the exciting history of the banjo. I used to say many times as soon as Beyonce puts the banjo on a track my job is done. Well, I didn’t expect the banjo to be mine, and I know darn well my job isn’t done, but today is a pretty good day.”

Nashville steel guitar player, Justin Schipper is featured on “16 Carriages” shared on social media, “This is a bucket list moment for sure… So proud to be a part of this. @beyonce is an icon and generational talent. Thanks so much @daveyhallyday for having me.”

Beyonce performed at the CMA Awards in 2016 with The Chicks.

Watch the video for “Texas Hold ‘Em” here and “!6 Carriages” here. 

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