Armed 14-Year-Old Arrested for Driving SUV Stolen from Nashville Fairgrounds

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

October 18, 2023 – Vehicle Crimes detectives arrested a 14-year-old late Tuesday night after he drove around Nashville in a stolen Nissan Rogue SUV that was taken from the Nashville Fairgrounds on October 7.

After the vehicle was spotted Tuesday night, a police helicopter monitored the SUV’s travels as it went from the J.C. Napier area to North Nashville, Midtown and then back toward the Napier community. It eventually stopped near Green Street and Charles E. Davis Boulevard. The driver got out, detectives moved in, and took the 14-year-old into custody. At the time of his arrest, the teen was trying to pull a loaded 9 millimeter semi-automatic pistol with a vertical foregrip from his waistband. He later told officers he was trying to throw it away.

As the teen was being escorted to a police car, he pulled away and attempted to flee, but was quickly apprehended a second time. He is charged at Juvenile Court with auto theft, unlawful gun possession, marijuana possession, resisting arrest and escape.

The auto theft victim, from Alabama, parked at the Fairgrounds for an event on October 7. When she returned to the parking lot, her vehicle was gone.


Source: Metro PD


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