2023 Trends In Online Advertising


Online Advertising Turns 30 Years Old

Hard to believe it’s been 3 decades since the first banner ad (widely acknowledged as the first example of online advertising) appeared on a website for AT&T in 1994.

We’ve come a long way since then.  Haven’t we?  Yes, actually…

2023 Trends That Tell Us On-Line Advertising is Being Reborn

We’ve never fallen out of love with on-line advertising, no matter how routine it may seem to have become.  And there are huge trends here in 2023 that give us confidence Internet advertising is experience a rebirth for the next 30 years.

Our basic marketing formula grounds all of the strategy we develop for our clients:


So we’ll show you our perspective on how Internet advertising is evolving to be better on all these fronts.


Targeting is Becoming More Relevant

Who do you want to talk to?  That’s targeting.  And targeting of online advertising is experiencing some great advancements.  The end of third-party cookies has made it difficult for many bad actors, and cleared the decks for smarter, more relevant on-line advertising to dominate.  We think this will also improve public opinion of ads.

More about Targeting here.

Messaging is Improving with Richer Ad Formats

What are we going to say to our targets?  That messaging.  New, richer online advertising formats are allowing advertisers to make higher-quality impressions on prospective customers, tell a more well-rounded brand story, and create a lot of value for users who engage the ads.

These new formats also achieve between 3 and 5 times greater rates of engagement, which change the game for evaluating marketing ROI.

Contextual Reach is Improving Performance

Where and when are we going to talk to our prospects so they can best absorb the message and engage with our call to action?  That’s reach.

The explosion of new choices for determining reach allows us to talk to the right people when they’re most likely to be able to:

    • Be open to our message
    • Absorb our message
    • Respond to our call to action

And, again, smarter reach improves the end results and helps grow results.

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