You Can Try Local Chef Alex Belew’s Perfect Score Salmon Recipe from ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Competition


Local Chef Alex Belew is competing on Hell’s Kitchen this season. This season is called Battle of the Ages and teams are divided by chefs over 40 and those under 40.

The first challenge was to cook a signature dish and Belew served up spice crusted salmon served with Carolina Gold rice, maple glaze with Aleppo carrots and a chorizo broth.

Each contestant had to bring their dish to celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to be scored from 1- 5. Belew’s dish scored a perfect 5, Ramsey shared about his dish, “It’s cooked beautifully, it’s pink, it’s vibrant. Got that right balance of acidity. I love the balance of the starch. That’s a very strong five, good job.”

Now you can make the dish at home. See the video below. Find the link here for the complete recipe.

Catch Chef Alex on the next episode of “Hell’s Kitchen: Battle of the Ages”, Thursday, October 6th at 8/7c on FOX.

Belew’s first restaurant, Dallas & Jane, opened in 2018 in Murfreesboro. After originally being rejected from Hell’s Kitchen for being “too nice” in 2013, Belew auditioned again in 2021 and was selected to appear on the 21st season of the show airing in 2022.

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