What is the Most Popular Halloween Costume and Candy this Year?

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If you are still undecided about costumes or looking to have the best candy for your local trick-or-treaters, RetailMeNot just shared its latest findings. They surveyed over 1,000 adults to find their favorites for the upcoming spooky holiday.

Top Halloween Costume Picks this Year

  • 79% of American consumers are planning to wear a costume this year.
  • About one-third of shoppers plan to reuse old décor or costumes

Without a surprise, Wednesday and Barbie are the biggest new franchise drivers for Halloween costumes.

Honorable mentions and other pop culture events-inspired costumes include Top Gun Maverick, Spider-Verse, Artificial Intelligence/ChatGPT and The Eras Tour. Of course, the traditional costumes are still the most popular.

Halloween Candy by the Numbers

If Reese’s is your favorite candy, you are in the majority. It takes the lead in the most popular candy this year. Candy Corn came in sixth place and last place was Twizzlers.

  • Reese’s Cups 32%
  • Snickers 14%
  • Kit Kat 10%
  • Hershey’s 10%
  • M&M’s 10%
  • Candy Corn 9%
  • Starburst 5%
  • Skittles 5%
  • Twizzlers 3%


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