WCSO Warns of Kidnapping Scam


Over the course of the past week, local law enforcement agencies, including the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, have received reports of a scam being presented as a kidnapped or injured child.

In the known occurrences, the scammers are indicating that a young child, related to the victim, has either been kidnapped or severely injured. In some cases, the caller has placed a small child on the phone to plead for help. This has been followed by the caller asking for the victim’s location.

Naturally, this can cause a great deal of distress to parents and guardians. If you are confronted with a call like this, be sure to contact law enforcement with any questions and to verify the safety of your child through independent means such as a Principal, Teacher, School Resource Officer, or another family member.

Do not follow links or allow your call to be redirected through the initial caller.


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