VIDEO: Jeff Luttrell Addresses WCS’s Stance on Arming Teachers Legislation


The Wilson County Director of Schools, Jeff Luttrell, confirmed that he will not allow teachers to carry guns in schools during the May 6 school board meeting.

A bill in Tennessee that will allow teachers to carry guns in schools was signed by Gov. Bill Lee on Friday, April 26. The bill, HB 1202, brought by Cookeville Republican Ryan Williams, was approved by the Senate with a 26-5 vote on April 9. The following week, the House passed the bill with a 68-28-2 vote.

“I do not believe that we need to put this on teachers. They need to teach your kids,” Lutrell said, followed by applause from the audience of the meeting. “The consequences of this decision could be devastating on numerous points and there’s no taking it back.”

Luttrell says he feels very comfortable with the county’s School Resource Officer program. The decision to not allow WCS teachers to be be armed was an administrative decision, Luttrell confirmed, adding that the board members trusted him solely to establish what happens in that area of school policies.

“I’d rather put that on my shoulders as the leader of this district,” Lutrell said. “I don’t even want to put that pressure on my principals. They’ve got enough on them as well. I’ve been in their shoes. ”

Watch the full video above.

Lutrell concluded his statement adding that some teachers have personally thanked him for his stance on the bill. He also thanked the board for trusting him to make the decision.

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