United Communications Creates a Plan of Action for Providing High-Speed Internet in Underserved Communities


Recognizing the critical role that broadband fiber connectivity plays in the lives of residents of Middle Tennessee, United Communications has initiated a team under the title Project UNITE with the purpose of providing crucial internet access in underserved communities. This project will bring Middle Tennessee residents and businesses the fiber and wireless high-speed internet they need to learn, work, and thrive in this digital world.

Where is United Communications Heading?

Residents in rural areas of Williamson, Murray, and Giles County can rejoice as the focus of this new operation by United Communications. Project UNITE concerns areas in these counties that are considered more rural and have historically not had access to high-speed internet.

This project works in tandem with United Communications’ Middle Tennessee Connectivity Initiative, a long-term mission to bring broadband connectivity to underserved communities. Project UNITE is supported through United Communications’ parent company, Middle Tennessee Electric, as well as strategic partnerships with local communities, business and government leaders, as well as the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program. The Project UNITE team is currently working to identify addresses that meet the criteria and design a plan of action to include them in the construction of 2 Gig broadband fiber service.

In addition to the counties covered in Project UNITE, United Communications plans to move through counties covered by Middle Tennessee Electric service, parts of Wilson County, and parts of Rutherford County. Their goal is to provide broadband connectivity to these under-connected communities throughout the next few years.

When Can These Communities Expect Service?

Identifying the addresses for service is only the first step of United Communications’ plan of action. Director of Planning and Engineering Greg Maes says that “in general, we have to be about 18 months in front of what construction is going to build,” which provides a helpful framework for understanding the timeline of broadband expansion.

There are many steps that include permitting, coordinating with power providers on pole arrangements, and allocating space on arrangements for United Communications sources so that they meet guidelines for separation and safety.

This crucial expansion will bring high-speed internet access to thousands of homes in Middle Tennessee, ensuring that more residents have the internet connection they need to work, learn, and thrive for years to come.

Who is United Communications?

United Communications is a fiber broadband provider serving eight counties in middle Tennessee and rapidly expanding to underserved areas of the state.

As a local internet service provider with over 75 years of connecting Middle Tennessee, United Communications is a proud participant in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This investment helps make the internet connections our communities desperately need more affordable and accessible.

If you want to see whether service is available in your area or if you’re in an area where service is planned, you can check availability at united.net. Direct questions to 931-364-2287 or [email protected].

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