Three Uniformed Officer Openings Announced at Tennessee Bureau of Investigation


The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is seeking interested and qualified candidates for the following positions:

Protective Services Unit
3 Vacancies
Davidson County
Madison County
Knox County
Job Duties:

Responsible for patrolling TBI facilities (indoors and grounds) by foot and vehicle multiple times per assigned shift. Monitors and observes facility management and physical security systems (e.g., cameras, security alarms, fire alarms, generator alarms) for extended periods to ensure continuous operation and safe conditions of both Headquarters and regional TBI facilities. Assesses threats/safety concerns and identifies and reports any malfunctioning safety and security systems (e.g., lighting, access control systems, video cameras, exterior access control barriers, etc.) to maintain proper working order. This position prepares both administrative and investigative reports, and documents information obtained during investigations. Additionally, this position Participates in physical activities (e.g. weapons training, Close Quarters Combat and Control (CQC), firearms qualifications, Honor Guard, Perimeter Security, Arrests, Prisoner Transport, Dignitary Protection, Warrant Executions, etc.).

Minimum Qualifications:
Education and Experience: Graduation from an accredited college or university with an associate’s degree, or 2 years of qualifying coursework.

Substitution of Experience for Education: Qualifying full-time professional law enforcement or police work can be substituted for the required education to a maximum of two years.

Monthly Salary: $2,759 – $4,281

For Additional Information Contact:
TBI Human Resources Unit at [email protected].

To Apply: Please visit the Tennessee Department of Human Resources website at For Knox County apply on job opening 30322. For Davidson County apply on job opening 30486. For Madison county apply on job opening 30489. These positions will be posted on April 21, 2022 – April 27, 2022 for five business days.

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