This Winter, Try Out Indoor Soccer or THIS Similar Sport!


Did you know that soccer is the third most popular sport to play in the U.S? Or that since 2012, Major League Soccer has seen a 27% rise in popularity? From playing to watching, soccer – or “football” in many other areas of the world – has seen an explosion of growth.

This winter, indoor soccer is an especially great sport to pick up. Unaffected by rain, cold or snow, indoor soccer games can carry on regardless of what the weather does!

Futsal vs Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is played on a grass field with walls, while futsal is played on a hard court. Never heard of it? That’s okay, you’re in good company. Futsal is FIFA’s official indoor soccer game. Some of the other key differences are:

  • It’s played indoors
  • The field is smaller (approximately the size of a basketball court)
  • The ball is smaller (size 3-4) and has less bounce
  • 5 players vs. 5 players

From different clock rules and offside rules to policies on substitutions, futsal shakes up traditional soccer and offers players something new, fun and exciting.

Why Play Futsal?

Futsal is great for helping players develop their skills and promote quality touches. It also is considered safer by eliminating injuries that may occur with wall collisions. Futsal is also less expensive, which opens up play opportunities for more people than ever before.

And speaking of cost, getting started in futsal or indoor soccer is now cheaper when you take advantage of holiday hot buys from Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville.

Indoor Soccer and Futsal Holiday Hot Buys

  • Champro Futsal Indoor Soccer Ball $18.99 each

In addition to balls, Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville has all the other gear you need to play…

  • Futsal: Indoor Cleats, Nets, Cones and MORE!
  • Indoor Soccer: Balls, Goals, Shin Guards, Shoes and MORE!

Where to Play Futsal and Indoor Soccer

With your gear in tow, head out to some nearby locations to play futsal or indoor soccer. Tennessee Soccer Club offers a number of options for futsal play at D1 Training’s Franklin location. Check out TSC Futsal Academy here.

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