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As the weather gets warmer, there’s one less excuse to not get on your bicycle and go for a ride.

Whether you’re looking to ride with the family or you’re setting out on your own, safety can’t be overlooked.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe as you start getting your wheels on.

Wear A Helmet That Fits

Helmets save lives and prevent serious injuries. Research shows that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of serious injury and is one of the leading contributors to improving safety. Head injuries are the leading cause of fatal bike accidents, and the majority of victims don’t wear helmets.

The effortless act of wearing a helmet can help avoid preventable bike deaths.

Keep Distractions To A Minimum

The simpler your experience, the safer it is. The same philosophy for distracted driving applies to biking, and it can be just as dangerous to ride a bike while distracted. Add the fact that you don’t have a protective cage around you.

Distracted cycling can be the riskiest thing you do.

Riding a bike is a rewarding experience. With the opportunity to get exercise, fresh air, and disconnect from your busy life, focusing on your ride and not letting yourself get distracted is worthwhile. Take advantage of your bike ride by stashing electronics in your bag or pocket. If you need to drink, opt for a water bottle that’s easy to use with one hand. Keep your eyes on the road and stay in tune with your surroundings to help keep you safe.

Wear Bright, Reflective Materials

Drivers aren’t always looking for bicyclists. One of the best ways to stay visible is to wear reflective clothing. If a driver can see you, an accident is less likely to occur.

While installing reflectors on your bike can help, it’s also important to wear bright and/or reflective clothing. Increasing your visibility will reduce the risk of a bike accident.

Check Your Equipment Before You Ride

Bike accidents aren’t always caused by a distracted driver or an unexpected bump in the road. Equipment issues are a big contributor to accidents as well. Reduce the risk of an equipment-related accident by checking your bike, helmet, and gear before you hit the road.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Check your reflectors and lights to make sure that they’re working. Inspect your chains and gears for any defects, fractures, or issues.

These simple steps can prevent an accident that could change your life.

Know Your Signals and Use Them

Many bike accidents occur at or near an intersection. A great way to prevent these accidents is to use hand signals! You need to be able to communicate with nearby drivers and other cyclists. A driver cannot anticipate what you’re going to do unless you provide a fair warning. Make sure that your hand signals are obvious and clear to others. Accidents are less likely to happen when everyone on the road is on the same page.

National Bike Month

Bicycling isn’t just for recreation, it also provides great health benefits as well as environmental benefits and is essential to our well-being and everyday lives. We challenge you to bike to work this month from May 16-22, 2022 for Bike Week!

“They are not hills, they are mounds of opportunity.”  Michael Page

Need help finding the perfect bike? We’ve got you covered, read more here to Find the Right Bike for Your Autumn Rides.

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