The Top Middle Tennessee Marinas

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Warm weather and sunshine are just around the corner. With it, the opportunities to boat and enjoy adventures on the lake come to mind. Unsure about where to go? We’ve compiled a list of the top marinas at local lakes to keep Tennesseeans cool this summer. 

Stick around and we’ll tell you how you can enjoy boating throughout Middle Tennessee, at ⅓ the cost. 

1. Percy Priest Lake

For all you Nashville residents looking for a thrill, Percy Priest Lake offers great boating and offers it close to home. A fifteen-minute drive away from downtown Nashville, you’re never too far from luxury tritoons and adrenaline-pumping ski boats.  

Percy Priest is 42 miles long and was sectioned off by the Percy Priest dam. There are a variety of marinas and launch ramps for use and each offers amenities like restaurants, showers, and slips.

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2. Old Hickory Lake

This lake is within striking distance of Nashville too and offers unparalleled access to boating for Hendersonville residents. Located about 25 miles upstream from Nashville, and with a total length of 93 miles, this lake has plenty of room for those looking to cruise or try their hand at wakeboarding. 

Old Hickory Lake is still close enough to Nashville that if you’re in the city and looking for another lake to enjoy, you don’t have to go too far.  

3. Tellico Reservoir

For those in East Tennessee, Tellico lake is a reservoir located near Marysville and Lenoir City. This reservoir is also a 40-minute drive from the Knoxville making it an ideal retreat for those looking to escape the city for a bit. 

With plenty of local fishing and boat ramps to launch from, it’s a great location for sport, but also for its space to stretch out and enjoy the warm summer weather. 

4. Center Hill Lake

Another Middle Tennessee gem, Center Hill Reservoir was formed by the construction of a dam. This lake is on the larger side and covers an area of roughly 18,000 acres with a total length of 64 miles. 

With 425 miles of shoreline, there’s plenty of room for fun along the side of the lake as well. Center Hill Lake is located within driving distance of Smithville and makes for fun within sight of the natural beauty surrounding the lake. 

5. Tims Ford Lake

This reservoir is nestled in southern Middle Tennessee and is a quick drive away from Winchester and Lynchburg. With a total surface area of around 10,500 acres, it’s an expanse that’s ready to be sped along on, enjoyed during your next wakeboarding session, or cruised on in a pontoon boat. 

And if you’re looking for a great local retreat, the Lynchburg Lakehouse is beautiful and build right on the lake. 

6. Nautical Boat Club

With the high cost of everything now, you might be wondering where to find an affordable boat to enjoy these great lakes with. But what if we told you there’s a way to enjoy the adventures of boating without all the additional maintenance and storage costs for your boat?

The Nautical Boat Club is the answer.

At roughly ⅓ the cost of boat ownership, you can have unlimited access to a fleet of boats to enjoy anytime you’d like. You’ll also have access to Marinas with first-class service, and amenities that rival the most exclusive clubs. 

Nautical Boat Club has locations at all of these reservoirs for you to enjoy and save on your boating experience. 

With a broad selection of boats ranging from high-performance ski boats to luxurious pontoon and tritoon boats, there’s something for every type of adventure you’re into. 

This boat country club will set you up for fun with friends and family alike. 

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