Solar Eclipse: Timing & Totality for Your Area

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A total solar eclipse will take place on Monday, April 8th. While Middle Tennessee is not in the path of totality, most cities in the area will see a range of 93 – 96% totality.

Below, we’ve highlighted some information to help you plan your eclipse day, such as eclipse start time and *mid-eclipse time for many middle Tennessee cities. *Mid Eclipse is when the maximum amount of the Sun’s disk is covered.

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Brentwood, TN

Start Time: 12:44:23
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:16

Totality Expected: 94.4%

Columbia, TN

Start Time: 12:43:26
Mid Eclipse:14:02:25

Totality Expected: 93.8%

Dickson, TN

Start Time: 12:43:30
Mid Eclipse: 14:02:24

Totality Expected: 95.6%

Fairview, TN

Start Time: 12:43:47
Mid Eclipse: 14:02:41

Totality Expected: 95%

Franklin, TN

Start Time: 12:44:10
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:04

Totality Expected: 94.4%

Hendersonville, TN

Start Time: 12:45:05
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:51

Totality Expected: 95%

La Vergne, TN

Start Time: 12:44:45
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:36

Totality Expected: 94.2%

Lebanon, TN

Start Time: 12:45:24
Mid Eclipse: 14:04:10

Totality Expected: 94.3%

Mt Juliet, TN

Start Time: 12:45:07
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:54

Totality Expected: 94.6%

Murfreesboro, TN

Start Time: 12:44:49
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:41

Totality Expected: 93.5%

Nashville, TN

Start Time: 12:44:37
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:27

Totality Expected: 94.9%

Pegram, TN

Start Time: 12:44:05
Mid Eclipse: 14:02:57

Totality Expected: 95.1%

Smyrna, TN

Start Time: 12:44:47
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:38

Totality Expect: 94%

Spring Hill, TN

Start Time: 12:43:49
Mid Eclipse: 14:02:46

Totality Expected: 94%

Springfield, TN

Start Time: 12:44:56
Mid Eclipse: 14:03:40

Totality Expected: 95.9%

Watertown, TN

Start Time: 12:45:38

Mid Eclipse: 14:04:24

Totality Expected: 93.7%

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