Sneak Peek at the 2023 Big Game Commercials

photo from YouTube

Super Bowl LVII is upon us, where the Philadelphia Eagles will face the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Feb. 12.

Are you planning on watching the game? Or let’s face it, are you more interested in the commercials? Deadline reports each 30-second spot is commanding a whopping $7 million. We found a few that you might like this year from rock stars to celebrities.


It’s a throwback to Breaking Bad with Jesse and Walter only this time, they are making the perfect snack.


How many legendary rock stars can you put in a commercial? Workday featured Ozzy Osborne, Billy Idol, Paul Stanley and Joan Jett in this spot.

3Ultra Club

Michelob Ultra brings back Tony Romo portraying Bill Murray’s role in Caddyshack. You can also see Serena Williams.


Megan Trainor is filming what we can assume is a Tik-Tok with her viral song, Made You Look, but then her hand gets stuck.

Melissa McCarthy sings this commercial showing off several destinations for travel. Plus you see a glimpse of her husband Ben Falcone.

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