Skilled Workforce Adopts Hytch Rewards to Deliver Cash Incentives to Every Employee Driving to Nashville’s Booming Construction Sites


A skilled labor shortage is hitting the construction industry particularly hard, while the war in Ukraine has pushed the price of fuel to all new highs. Employers facing this perfect storm are scrambling to adopt new technology like Hytch Rewards to instantly implement a new type of employee benefit: delivering fair and fast fuel reimbursement for the commute to work.

The Hytch app gives employers an easy way to reimburse employees for the cost of gas in their daily commute and offset carbon impacts of each mile driven. “Employers can provide fully automated cash payments to employees who use the Hytch app to verify their daily commute,” says Mark Cleveland, “It’s a great way to care for employees and the planet.”

“Filling your gas tank is a real shocker these days. I hear the pain from every single person on my team, and our clients expect us to take action now,” says Abe Mbow, President and Founder of Skilled Workforce, a veteran-owned labor leasing firm specializing in skilled labor augmentation and workforce development headquartered in Nashville.”I see this as a powerful recruiting tool and am excited to leverage it with my team.” With Hytch Rewards ability to offset carbon anytime you drive, Skilled Workforce was instantly drawn to their user-friendly app allowing friends and coworkers to get rewarded while reducing their carbon footprint.

About Hytch
Hytch Rewards is a cash incentive management platform companies of any size use to recognize and reward employees for the value of their time and the cost of their fuel in a daily commute. Users gain access to cash rewards in sponsored areas and also earn credit for planting trees, and separately Employers and communities use Hytch to connect people to job opportunities and critical services, engage employees in corporate social responsibility initiatives, and promote the habits of sharing a ride, walking, biking or using mass transit. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Hytch was recognized as the Nashville Technology Council’s Emerging Company of the Year, received the Tennessee Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Sustainable Transportation Award. Visit to learn more.

About Skilled Workforce
Skilled Workforce is a veteran-owned labor leasing firm that specializes in skilled labor augmentation and workforce development headquartered in Nashville, with operations in Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas and Arizona. As a Minority Business Enterprise, registered with the TN Governor’s office (GoDBE), TDOT, SDVOSB and 8a certified with the Small Business Administration (SBA), the company provides nimble staffing solutions, payroll financing and a full suite of labor services allowing its clients to control labor costs and fully focus on their core activities. Skilled Workforce is currently pursuing NCCER full accreditation to focus on building its talent pipelines and combat the skilled labor shortage experienced nationwide. To learn more about Skilled Workforce, please visit our website at

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