Set the Stage for An Amazing Wedding: Make Room in Your Budget for Live Music


Wedding planning can be overwhelming – who knew there were so many details to consider? If you’re beginning to plan your perfect day, you’re likely wondering what your first step will be. One of the first decisions to start with is your wedding budget!

Many wedding planners suggest budget planning as one of the first steps in planning your wedding since it dictates how the subsequent decisions are made. But this can be much more difficult than it sounds! How do you decide what’s most important and how much money gets allocated?

At RAM Entertainment, we think one of the most significant wedding budget considerations is your music! More than decor, more than the wedding dress – the entertainment you choose can dramatically affect your enjoyment of your big day. 

Here are some reasons why you should make sure to consider live music as part of your wedding day budget:

Atmosphere, Atmosphere, Atmosphere

Music sets the tone of the wedding, from the ceremony to the reception. Make live music a priority in your budget!

A wedding is a party, and all parties need a driving force to get the fun going! Live music performed by talented entertainers guarantees that your wedding reception has an incredible party atmosphere. The presence of a live band immediately creates a fun, celebratory spirit. With a group of entertainers focused on entertaining your guests, you can stay focused on your new spouse and feel confident that everyone is having fun!

Customized to Your Preferences

Your wedding day should reflect your preferences as a couple! The musical experience that you select says so much about you and your new spouse. When you decide to prioritize music in your wedding budget, you hire musicians who will create a custom performance that shows who you are as a couple.

While anyone can put together a playlist of songs you enjoy, the result won’t be customized to the progression of your day. A live band will perform the songs you love in your preferred style, creating an experience specifically tailored to your event and vision. 

Performance of a Lifetime

When you hire a live band, you ensure your wedding is the experience of a lifetime. Compared to the cost of hiring a DJ or other musical experience, you get so much more value for your money when you hire a talented live band.

A live band is an amazing choice for providing an unforgettable experience – their goal throughout the night is to keep spirits high and guests on the dance floor! Instead of just background music you hope keeps guests entertained, a live band directly engages with your guests and helps everyone have the best time. At the end of the night, your guests will be certain they’ve just attended their favorite wedding of all time!

Plan An Unbelievable Wedding with the Artists at RAM Entertainment

You won’t regret making music a priority in your wedding budget when you work with a talent roster like the one at RAM Entertainment. Your choice of music is one of the most important elements of your wedding day experience, and RAM Entertainment will ensure that your live band delivers an impeccable performance. 

A live band is truly the best way to celebrate your big day! Explore the artists at RAM Entertainment and watch some of their music videos to discover how a live band can elevate your wedding day. Call 1-800-935-3555 to book musicians for your event today!


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