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With the Summer season starting up it’s the perfect time to get out and roll in a pair of inline roller or quad skates. Whether you’re a seasoned inline skater or looking to pick it up again, there are several health benefits to skating and it’s a great way to get out and get active. Plus, Middle Tennessee has some great places to skate year-round, check them out here!

You might wonder where to start though, what is the difference between fitness inline skates and aggressive skates, should you wear protective gear, and proper body posture and foot placement. Below we touch on some of the most asked questions for roller skating to get started. Whether you’re in it to challenge yourself, build core strength, stay active or burn calories, a pair of inline skates is your answer to getting it done.

What Are Fitness Inline Skates?

Fitness Inline Roller skates are the type for skater looking to get the most out of their skates.

They have three or four wheels in tandem along the bottom. Fitness Inline Skates also typically have a brake on one or both pairs of skates.

Inline skates come in several different variants, and you might have seen them in use for roller hockey, or for recreational purposes. But there’s a roller skate out there for everyone.

Fitness Inline Skates will help you achieve the smoothest skating experience.

What Are Aggressive Inline Skates?

Aggressive skates are a subclass of inline skates and are modified for doing tricks and for grinding. The wheels tend to be smaller on these skates to lower the center of gravity and some may even have the middle two wheels omitted for grinding down the centreline of the skate. They have a grind plate for sliding and performing tricks.

Protective Gear

Whether you skate for fun or take it up as a recreational activity, wearing the proper protective gear is a must.

Many of the injuries people suffer during roller skating can be easily prevented by wearing the proper protective gear. The most recommended set of roller skate protective gear includes four primary pieces, the most important of which is a helmet. Remember to fasten it well and position the chin strap snugly around the chin while wearing a helmet. A loose helmet with an improper fitting may not snug properly on your head and may slip off while skating or during a fall.

The second must-have important piece of protective gear is the knee pads. The soft, cushiony, inside layers of the knee pads under a hard shell exterior prevent your knees from getting injured and scrapped if you fall. The third essential piece of protective gear is the elbow pads. These pads resemble knee pads in construction with the exceptions of size and area of application. Lastly, the fourth must-have piece of protective gear for roller skating are wrist guards. One option is a wrist guard that slides on and has 1 simple Velcro closure. Injuries can still happen no matter how much protective gear you wear, but just like a seat belt will help in the car, a good set of pads will keep you must safer on wheels!

Proper Posture

Now that you have the best roller skates on and protective gear you are ready to roll, but what is the best body posture?

Feet are shoulder width apart. Shoulders, hip joints and arches are balanced along an invisible line that runs from head to heel. The joints of the knees, hips and ankles are bent, with the shins tilted forward over the toes.

Next, you will move your feet back and forth. Some compare roller skating to walking like a duck as you want to move one foot out from the other, similar to a waddle. The roller skates will feel awkward at first, but once you learn how to move the feet back and forth and maintain the proper body placement you’ll be ready to roll!

Ready To Roll Back In For A Pair Of Skates?

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