Rethink Wedding Desserts with This Delightful Trend


When you’re planning your wedding, there are a few key components that set the tone for everything else: the dress, the venue, the flowers and the dessert. And each of these components reflect your unique personality.

These personal elements are what stand out in your memories for years to come. So choose the dress, the venue and the flowers that bring you joy. And have a wedding dessert as unique and delightful as you are! Forget “let them eat cake.” We say, “let them eat pie!”

Papa C Pies tell us why wedding pies are such a hot trend!


While a lot of weddings have a groom’s cake alongside the bridal cake, you’re still only getting two choices. And if your guests don’t share the same love for the flavor you selected, you’re going to end up with leftover wedding cake that you paid a lot of money for. With pie, you can stick with two flavors, opt for a “his / hers / ours” offering or go all out with a smorgasbord of different pies sure to give every guest something they’ll enjoy.


On a day that can feel a little on the chaotic side, it would be great to have something just be simple and easy. Pies are easy for guests to cut in and serve themselves instead of waiting in an endlessly long line for one person who is slicing and serving cake. Make it easy on everyone! Papa C Pies offers slicing service for a nominal fee or you can opt for mini slices on eco-friendly appetizer trays.


You’re not held hostage by a baker’s decorating skill if their forte is flavor. Nor will you sacrifice deliciousness for beauty. (Besides, even the most stunning cake is only that way until you slice into it.) Pies are pies. They are delightful on their own. You can personalize your dessert display with a variety of decorations, flowers, photos and more. And if you love the look of a tiered dessert, yes, you can even stack pies!

Think Big, Go Mini

Planning a wedding with the uncertainty of the state of the pandemic means everyone is still on alert and trying to stay safe and healthy. Show your love and concern for their safety with individual tarts as your dessert offering! Mini pies are also a great way for guests to try a variety of flavors. They make amazing take-home gifts as well. Papa C Pies can even help personalize your tarts with stickers commemorating the occasion.

Wedding Pies by Papa C Pies

Want to know what Papa C Pies can do to make your wedding special? Call 615-414-3435 to get more information or schedule a tasting and get started on your wedding dessert planning.

The best part of all? In lieu of a frozen, dry top tier wedding cake, Papa C will make you a fresh pie of your choosing to celebrate your first wedding anniversary!

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