Pretty in Pink Boutique Employee Holly Sneed Shares Her Experience with Breast Cancer

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Holly Sneed is a Certified Mastectomy and Compression Fitter at Pretty in Pink Boutique in Murfreesboro. She has been with the Murfreesboro Pretty In Pink location since its opening.

Holly was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago and was able to share her story and experience with us, both since being diagnosed and working for Pretty in Pink Boutique.

Can you tell us about your story with breast cancer treatment?

Holly Sneed: I was diagnosed in March of 2009. I am a daughter of a breast cancer survivor. My mom found her lump when she was pregnant with me. Her mother had ovarian cancer so cancer was not a huge surprise for me when I was diagnosed. I found my lump in a routine exam at my yearly doctor’s appointment. That snowballed from there into a surgeon’s office, initially a lumpectomy and 21 lymph nodes removed. During that time, doctors told me chemotherapy and radiation were coming. I talked to a friend, a local ABC (After Breast Cancer) coordinator, and she said because of my family history she recommended that I get the genetic testing done. Before I started chemo, I did that, which came back positive. After my chemo, I went and did a bilateral mastectomy and removed my ovaries, and then did reconstruction.

Can you talk to me about Pretty in Pink Boutique’s role and your role as someone who’s been through treatment?

HS: I knew of Pretty in Pink Boutique when I was going through everything but I did not take advantage of what was offered. I had my mind made up that I was doing reconstruction and I didn’t need anything that they have to offer. I was so wrong, SO wrong.

There are different situations with post-operations. There’s an awesome thing with the drain pouches and I was carrying around drains and pinning them to my shirt. A post-op camisole would have been really nice to have. Even compression bras: though I did reconstruction, bras just don’t fit implants the same.

I didn’t realize what a difference it made to come to Pretty In Pink for a fitting versus going to someplace else and have them trying to put me in an underwire bra, which is so not correct for what our needs are.

What is one of the most memorable/impactful moments you’ve had at Pretty in Pink Boutique?

HS: I’ve seen so many different people, of all ages. I have three biological daughters, and the oldest is positive for the gene, the second one is negative, and the third one will test soon.

I had a patient come in who was about the age of my oldest daughter and pregnant. That was a tough pill to swallow when you feel like you’re looking across from what could be your own child’s situation.

But I have experienced so many positives too. Being in Murfreesboro for a long time, I get to see some of the ladies that I saw years ago and put wigs on when they were first going through their cancer treatment. Now they come to Pretty in Pink and I get to see them years later, doing well and living life and that’s really awesome to see and be able to keep that connection.

What have you learned from your breast cancer experience? 

HS: A lot of people say, “I want to get back to who I was” and “I just want my old self back” but I feel like breast cancer changes you and that’s ok. You’ve just got to find your new you and we just try and help people walk through that journey as best we can because the things that we offer can be for life.

Pretty in Pink Boutique

If you or a loved one is battling breast cancer, know that Pretty In Pink Boutique provides support through it all. If you are looking for a compassionate ear that will listen or if you have questions, please reach out. Pretty In Pink Boutique is committed to your well-being the whole way through and may be able to assist or provide resources to help you or a loved one.

Looking to get fitted? See Holly at the Murfreesboro store or any of our other certified fitters at our Middle Tennessee locations.

Please contact us via phone or email us and let us know how we can help. Call (615) 777-PINK.

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