Places to Buy a King Cake

photo from Merridee\'s/Amber Beckham Photography

A big part of the Mardi Gras celebration is the King Cake. It’s a tradition that is thought to have been brought to New Orleans from France in 1870. Typically, a King Cake is an oval-shaped bakery delicacy, often described as a cross between a coffee cake and a French pastry that is as rich in history as it is in flavor.

Decorated in royal colors of purple which signify “Justice,” green for “Faith,” and gold for “Power,” the colors used for the cake are also the signature colors used for Mardi Gras.  The particular colors were chosen to resemble a jeweled crown honoring the Wise Men who visited the Christ Child on Epiphany. In the past, things like coins, beans, pecans, or peas were hidden in each King Cake.

Today, a tiny plastic baby is placed inside the cake. At a party, the King Cake is sliced and served. Each person looks to see if their piece contains the “baby.” If so, then that person is named “King” for a day and designated to host the next party and provide the King Cake.

1Merridee’s Breadbasket

110 4th Avenue South, Franklin


Louisiana natives claim Merridee’s has the best King Cake around. Find in the bakery or call and place your order.

2Puffy Muffin

229 Franklin Road, Brentwood


At Puffy Muffin, you can place an order for the popular item but don’t delay because they often sell out quickly.

3Triple Crown Bakery

118 4th Avenue North, Franklin


This locally owned bakery will draw you in the door with the smells wafting from fresh baked cakes, pies, scones and more. You can place an order for your King Cake by calling them.


Multiple Locations

King Cakes will hit stores on Tuesday, February 21st this year.

5The Cupcake Collection

1213 6th Avenue South, Nashville


Cupcake Collection will offer King Cake cupcakes this year. You can place your order online here.

6Lili Bella’s Cakes

109 Shivel Drive, Hendersonville


It’s King Cake Season!! You can place your order. They have traditional $40, fruit and/or cream cheese filled (apple, blueberry or cherry) $45, or praline filled $48. Text your order to 615-442-6633 for pickup Thursday through Saturday.

7Julia’s Homestyle Bakery

1911 Medical Center Parkway, Suite B, Murfreesboro


King Cakes are back! They have large and mini available cream cheese filled, cinnamon sugar, and cinnamon cream cheese. They are first come first serve. You may call ahead to pre order! 615-890-2253 (CAKE).

8House of Bread

7186 Nolensville Road, Nolensville


They are currently taking orders for King Cake to be picked up on Saturday, February 18th.


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