Phone Scammers Using Identity of Local Law Enforcement Agencies


From Franklin Police Department

Someone has been using the identity of local law enforcement agencies in an attempt to swindle area residents. It’s a scam that’s making its way across the country.

Here’s how it works: The scammer spoofs the agency’s official phone number, which then shows up on the victim’s caller ID. The scammer claims to be an officer or deputy with that law enforcement agency and tells the victim that there are warrants for their arrest, but that they can avoid being arrested if they will ‘pay their fines’ over the phone.

This is not how the real police operate. In fact, police officers will never call you to demand payment in lieu of arrest. If you receive a phone call that you believe is part of a scam, hang up and call the police.

Parents with teens or young adult children, and children who have aging parents should talk with their loved ones about scams, warning them to never give callers access to funds of any kind, or personal information, over the phone.

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