Over 120 Animals Seized from Wilson County Home

Photo: Animal Rescue Corps
Photo: Animal Rescue Corps

Over 120 animals were seized from a backyard breeding operation in Wilson County, TN, on April 11, 2023.

Animal Rescue Corps was deployed to assist law enforcement in the large criminal seizure where animals had been cruelly confined without access to food, water, or the space to freely move.

Poodle mixes and dachshunds were found often living crammed 2-3 to a small wire kennel or carrier. Puppies and their mom were outside living in a falling-apart pen. Chickens and turkeys, most of whom would have been sold for slaughter, were living cruelly confined. Two rabbits were living in hard wire crates and cats were running freely on the property.

Animal Rescue Corps said almost none of the animals had access to food or water and many lacked the room to spread their limbs or freely move. Large dogs that were living in sheds on the property were exposed to dangerously high ammonia levels.

ARC rescued every animal on-site during this criminal seizure. Redemption Road Rescue is taking in the chickens and turkeys, ensuring their bright, loving futures and species-appropriate care.

ARC stated this was the fourth large-scale animal rescue in the space of a month, and the third in that time period involving survivors of inhumane and intensive confinement.

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