One Mt. Juliet Store Fails Alcohol Compliance Check

All but one store denied the sale of alcohol to an underage informant.

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Mt. Juliet, Tenn. – All but one store denied the sale of alcohol to an underage informant after undercover detectives conducted alcohol compliance checks. Mt. Juliet Police detectives sent an underage informant into all 36 businesses in the city limits that sell beer for off-premises consumption to see if they could purchase beer.

Only one store, Speedway at 12115 Lebanon Rd, failed the compliance check and sold alcohol even after checking the informant’s identification. The remaining 35 stores properly checked the informant’s identification and age, which led to their denial of sale.

“Our staff will continue to randomly check to ensure our local merchants comply and not sell alcohol to underage persons,” stated Police Chief James Hambrick. “I’m grateful for all the clerks who properly checked the informant’s ID and denied the sale to the underage informant. While I would rather see 100% compliance, I’m thankful for the majority who did the right thing.”

Compliance checks are used to ensure businesses adhere to city ordinances and state laws governing the sale of alcoholic beverages and prevent sales to under-aged individuals. Checks are conducted throughout the year, and this check was planned to coincide with graduation season.

List of Stores that properly checked ID and denied sale:

  • Aldi, 315 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • BP McDonald’s, 126 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Cedar Creek Marina, 9120 Saundersville Rd.
  • Cedar Creek Market, 2300 Nonaville Rd.
  • Circle-B, 1050 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd.
  • Citgo, 15333 Lebanon Rd. Old Hickory
  • Corner Market, 20 Benders Ferry Rd.
  • Dollar General #1901, 13820 Lebanon Rd. Old Hickory
  • Dollar General #21353, 3140 Curd Rd.
  • Dollar General #21926, 280 Nonaville Rd
  • Dollar General #2627, 1229 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Fastrack Market, 1200 S. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Fun Food Market, 2190 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Hyper Market, 1760 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • J.M. Market, 590 Nonaville Rd.
  • Kangaroo Express, 10576 Lebanon Rd.
  • Kroger (north) L-590, 4120 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Kroger (south) L-578, 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd. #200
  • Lebanon Market, 14866 Lebanon Rd. Old Hickory
  • Mapco #3320, 194 S. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Mapco #3341, 11247 Lebanon Rd.
  • Mario Market, 14815 Lebanon Rd. Old Hickory
  • Mt. Juliet Beer Co., 11125 Lebanon Rd.
  • Murphy Express, 355 Pleasant Grove Rd. #1100
  • Providence Market, 65 Belinda Parkway
  • Providence Shell #6637, 88 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Publix (north) #1220, 11207 Lebanon Rd.
  • Publix (south) #1268, 665 S. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Shell Food Mart, 14422 Lebanon Rd. Old Hickory
  • Star of Mt. Juliet, 3991 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Target Store, 401 S. Mt. Juliet Rd. #600
  • Tiger Market, 125 N. Mt. Juliet Rd.
  • Walgreen (north) #5704, 11185 Lebanon Rd.
  • Walgreens (south) #10757, 206 Crossings Ln
  • Walmart #4482, 300 Pleasant Grove Rd. #600

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