New Music this Week- July 1, 2024

photo by Patrick Tracy

If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore.

1Logan Mize

photo from Logan Mize

Written by Mize with Daniel Agee and Jason Nix  “The World Just Keeps Getting Better” radiates with a welcome optimism. He shows that in the midst of social media hate, sensational news stories and more, sometimes the only happiness you need comes from the love of your life.

Take a listen here. 

2Ray LaMontagne

Ray LaMontagne—the celebrated Grammy award winning singer-songwriter—today unveils a new single, “Long Way Home”—listen/share here. The track, releasing via the highly independent artist’s newly created label Liula Records, is the second taken from LaMontagne’s forthcoming, highly anticipated studio album, Long Way Home, out August 16.

Take a listen here. 

3Ron Pope

photo by Blair Clark

Nashville-based, platinum recording artist, Ron Pope, has released a new single, “Nobody’s Gonna Make It Out Alive,” via Brooklyn Basement Records. Based on the form of fiddle tunes of yore, “Nobody’s Gonna Make It Out Alive” captures the playfulness of Pope’s early days. When Pope left home to pursue music, he was “still a kid,” and remembers his mother saying: “If you ever find yourself back down South playing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ in an empty bar, that’s the sign you need to come on home and go back to school.”

Take a listen here. 

4Steve Earle

photo by Danny Clinch

Steve Earle releases “Copperhead Road” (Acoustic) [Live], the second track off of his forthcoming live album, Alone Again (Live), due for release on July 12, 2024 via Howe Sound Records/Missing Piece Records. Earle will perform at the Opry on July 3rd.

Take a listen here.

5Kelsea Ballerini

photo by Patrick Tracy

Kelsea Ballerini teams up with Noah Kahan for a new song. The rambling, fiddle-threaded, dobro-enhanced “Cowboys Cry Too (with Noah Kahan)” offers a moment of genuine vulnerability and embrace.

“In our world and culture and echo chamber of highlight reels and pretty things, sometimes real feelings start to feel like something you just set aside or push down to keep up.” Kelsea begins. “Especially the way so many men grow up, that kind of toxic masculinity mindset of ‘saddle up, brush it off’. I wanted to write my perspective and essentially celebrate the vulnerable men in my life, and Noah adding his really unfiltered perspective into it just brought it to life in a more meaningful and beautiful way.”

Take a listen here. 

6Miranda Lambert

photo by Cooper Norland

Miranda Lambert released “Dammit Randy,” a rousing anthem about reclaiming independence.

“This song came out of a conversation the night before Jon Randall and I went into the studio to make this album,” Lambert shared. “We were talking about how excited we were to be starting this journey with a new label family (Republic and Big Loud) and how supported we felt by them, which turned into chatting about situations where you might not feel so supported by someone – in this song’s case, an unappreciative Randy. So, this one’s for anyone with a Randy they need to move on from.”

Take a listen here. 

7Jordana Bryant

Jordana Bryant is celebrating her newfound civic duty with the release of her brand new single, “Taylor For President.”

Growing up, Jordana was inspired by the authenticity and relatability of Swift’s lyrics. She began writing her own songs at an early age with the hope of connecting people and adding positivity. Now, at 18 years old, Jordana is poised to take to the voting booth for the first time this November and is using her voice, through this song, to encourage others to do the same.

Take a listen here. 

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