New Music for You This Week – May 23, 2022


If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore their music.

photo from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

1Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Does Dylan Dirt Band


Jeff Hanna and his Dirt Band bandmates have had quite a career of their own since then, introducing folk, bluegrass, and country music—what would later be termed “Americana”—to a whole new generation of fans. Their latest effort, however, is a full-circle return with Dirt Does Dylan, a ten-track album highlighting some of the gems from Dylan’s vast catalog with the help of three new band members: fiddle specialist Ross Holmes; singer-songwriter and bass player Jim Photoglo (who wrote one of the Dirt Band’s biggest hits, “Fishin’ in the Dark”); and Dirt Band founder Jeff Hanna’s son, the absurdly talented singer and guitarist Jaime Hanna.

Take a listen here. 

2Standards- “Smile”

photo from Standards

Led by exuberant guitarist Marcos Mena, standards is a math rock duo all of its own. Rounded out by Cam Mitchell on drums, the pair boast a fruitful combination of musical chops and catchy guitar-driven melodies.

For almost five years, their instrumental compositions have captivated audiences all over the world. See them live in Nashville on August 1st at The End.

Take a listen here. 

3Tyler Hubbard – “5 Foot 9”

photo from EMI/Tyler Hubbard

Tyler Hubbard releases his first solo new song “5 Foot 9” today after taking a break from the duo Florida Georgia Line.  Hubbard produced the track with Jordan Schmidt and wrote the lead single with Jaren Johnston and Chase McGill.

With lyrics highlighting life’s small joys before pointing out, “but God makes the good stuff,” Hubbard adds, “As much as the song talks about real life stuff like whiskey, country music, dirt roads and rain, I want listeners to be reminded that God really does make the good stuff. For me, over the last couple of years, I’ve really been reminded of that.”

Take a listen here. 

photo from Sarah Darling

4Sarah Darling- Darling 


Sarah Darling has announced the release of her new EP, Darling, with the focal track, “Get To Me,” – out now. Darling spoke about the new EP, saying, “When I listen to the Darling EP, I hear a grown-up version of me. I feel like someone who’s let go and allowed myself to share some messy emotions. It sounds like freedom and takes me back to those first records that influenced me as a kid. There’s something in my soul that connects with those driving songs that take you somewhere, and throughout this entire collection, I feel that. I love who I’ve become through this body of work, and it’s helped heal some wounds. I’m so grateful to my producers, Cameron Jaymes and Emily Shackleton, for building this world with me.”

Take a listen here. 

photo from David Rosales

5David Rosales – “Ask Her to Dance”

Americana artist David Rosales and his upbeat ear-candy of a single, “Ask Her To Dance.” Out today, the song jumps right out of the speakers and into the summer Kool-Aid of love.
Accompanied by a music video featuring Rosales and his wife, climb aboard a 1978 Santa Cruz 33′ sailboat as you spend a day soaking in that Southern California sunshine on an intimate and fun-loving voyage.
Take a listen here. 


photo by Alysse Gafkjen

6Catie Offerman – “Don’t Do it in Texas”

Catie Offerman releases her latest track today, “Don’t Do It In Texas.”

“If you know me, you know Texas has a very special place in my heart. It’s everything I love, where my story began, and the place that holds so many special memories,” says Offerman. “I think everybody knows how a heartache hurts a little more when it steals a special place from you. This song puts me right back home. It may be Texas for me, but it can be anywhere for you.”

Take a listen here. 

photo from Aristo PR

7Raleigh Keegan – “Miss Me Memphis”

Country artist Raleigh Keegan has released a new song, “Miss Me Memphis” from his forthcoming EP, A Tale of 7 Cities.

Keegan speaks on the new single, sharing, “On every song from ‘A Tale of 7 Cities,’ I have aimed to make each city feel and sound like the actual city I’m singing about. “Miss Me Memphis” is my love letter to the sights and sounds of Memphis, and you feel like you are in Memphis when you’re listening. I have many fond memories of that place, and I tried to capture the youth and innocence I felt as a kid visiting Memphis.”

Take a listen here.

photo by Nick Rau

8Lainey Wilson- “Heart Like a Truck”

ACM New Female Artist of the Year and iHeartRadio Music Awards’ Best New Country Artist, Lainey Wilson, today delivered her next single “Heart Like A Truck.

“These past few months have been such a whirlwind, but man, it was quite the journey to get here. Miley wasn’t playing when she said, ‘it’s about the climb,’ because it really is what builds character and teaches you the most about yourself,” said Lainey Wilson. “’Heart Like A Truck’ is all about self-discovery, growth and embracing scars as badges of honor. After all, a truck that has hit a few bumps and earned some scratches has proved itself and its tenacity—the shiny one on the lot can’t say that.”

Take a listen here. 

photo by Crystal K. Martel

9High Valley – “Whatever it Takes”

High Valley’s brand-new album, Way Back, is out today! The 13-song project is the group’s sixth studio album and is brimming with their signature sound of positive-minded, bluegrass-tinged country.

“I’ve been waiting for this day the way a kid waits for Christmas,” shares Brad Rempel.  “I am so incredibly pumped to have 13 brand new High Valley songs out in the world! For me, this album is about dodging the passing of time, living forever, and hoping that my kinds somehow stay young forever, and I can’t wait to hear which songs connect with the fans the most!”

Take a listen here. 

photo from We Banjo 3

10We Banjo 3 – “Hummingbird”

Containing two sets of two brothers—Enda & Fergal Scahill and David & Martin Howley—We Banjo 3 released the first track from Open The Road with “Hummingbird.” First conceptualized in March 2020 during the great lockdown, David Howley had ample free time. David and his Nashville roommate Scott Mulvahill, an accomplished musician in his own right, spent time in Scott’s home-studio to lay down some new songs. “We had a house full of instruments, microphones, coffee and whiskey, so we did what we could to stay sane,” Howley remembers. Having mentioned to Mulvahill that he had a tune he liked but that needed it still needed to be finished, Mulvahill replied while tearing open a new bag of coffee beans, “Well let’s finish it then!”

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