New Music for You this Week – May 2, 2022


If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore their music.

photo by Justin Broadbent

1Metric – “All Comes Crashing”

“All Comes Crashing” is the first offering from Metric’s upcoming eighth studio album, Formentera, set to release on July 8th. “Not everyone has a conventional life with conventional relationships,” says frontwoman Emily Haines. “‘All Comes Crashing’” is a love song that goes beyond romantic love, it’s an expression of solidarity with whoever it is you would want to have beside you in the event of catastrophe. It might be your best friend, it might be your blood brother or your dog. The song is dedicated to those you consider your family, whatever that looks like for you.” See Metric at Brooklyn Bowl on September 25.

 Take a listen here. 

photo from BlackHawk

2Blackhawk -“Baby the Rain Must Fall”

Nineties country hitmakers BlackHawk are returning to the music scene with the upcoming release of never-before-heard songs from the early days of their career. Blue Highway, set for release on FridayJune 24 via BFD / Audium Nashville, features twelve archival tunes from 1992 — but only recently were the tunes mixed and mastered with the addition of bass, drums, electric guitar and mandolin. The first single is available now.

Take a listen here. 


photo by 300

3Forrest Isn’t Dead- “Born or Made”

Emerging alt-pop artist Forrest Isn’t Dead has released his new single “Born or Made.” The electrifying track is currently featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday and New Noise playlists. See Forrest Isn’t Dead in person on May 13 at The Cobra.

Take a listen here.

photo by Whitten Sabbatini

4Rock Eupora  – “Can You Feel The Weight?”

The Indie-Pop band released its first single from the upcoming album Pick the Scab. “Can You Feel the Weight?” features 36 tracks of strings.

Take a listen here. 

photo by Tristan Renaud

5Brett Kissel  – “Ain’t The Same”

Platinum-selling country artist Brett Kissel has released a new single in collaboration with pop and R&B vocal group 98°, titled “Ain’t The Same.” The upbeat song tells the story of a narrator professing his feelings to the love of his life, explaining that life “ain’t the same” without her.

Take a listen here.

photo from Travis Denning

6Travis Denning – “She’s On It” 

Travis Denning delivered a new track to fans today, releasing “She’s On It.” Co-written by Denning with Jamie Paulin, Paul DiGiovanni and co-produced by Paul DiGiovanni and Jeremy Stover, the song is a reflective track that builds to an anthemic chorus, tailored made for Denning’s live set. Known for his high-energy live show,

Take a listen here.

7Colton Dixon – “Build a Boat”

photo from Colton Dixon

American Idol favorite Colton Dixon is releasing his first new music of the year today, with the pop anthem, “Build a Boat” (Atlantic). Written by Dixon along with co-writers and producers Pete Becker, Mikey Gormley, Johan Lindbrant and Seth Mosley. “’Build a Boat’ is an anthem for anyone willing to stand up or step out for what they believe in,” Dixon says.


Take a listen here. 


photo by William Silver

8Huey Mack – “One of One”

Huey Mack returns with his new single “One of One”. The new track follows a self-imposed three-year hiatus and is the first single Huey Mack is releasing with Boom.Records. Blending elements of pop and country with Mack’s honest lyrics, the laid-back track finds him falling for and enamored with a particular love interest as he bares it all.

Take a listen here. 


photo by Barbara Creamer

9John Calvin Abney  – “Sleepwalkers”

singer-songwriter John Calvin Abney has shared his new single “Sleepwalkers” today (April 29). “Sleepwalkers” finds Abney looking back on the people who leave a mark on our lives, one that lingers on even through the passing of time and physical distance. The song’s layered soundscape, anchored by sweeping acoustic guitar and Abney’s raw, engaging vocals, perfectly elevates his lyrical examinations of life’s fleeting moments.
“This song is about the anxieties of keeping friends and loved ones over years and miles, wondering how folks long gone are doing,” Abney says. “Our paths aren’t going to run together forever.”


Take a listen here.

photo by Macie Bowden

10The Red Clay Strays- Moment of Truth 

The Red Clay Strays are releasing their debut album Moment of Truth out now.
This 12-track album blends its unique individualities and influences to create a project that breathes raw honesty. Band members Brandon Coleman (lead vocals/guitar), Drew Nix (vocals/electric guitar/harmonica), Zach Rishel (electric guitar), Andrew Bishop (bass), and John Hall (drums) collaborated to create Moment of Truth. Each member, including the band’s videographer, Matthew Coleman, had a hand in writing this project, which strives to bring the public songs with a purpose that embody real-life experiences.


Take a listen here. 

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