New Music for You this Week-June 19, 2023

photo by Vijat Mohindra

If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore.

1Matt Harlan

photo from Matt Harlan

This is Harlan’s first song in four years, a song about fatherhood. Stating,”This song was born of the strangest mix of pure luck and pure intention. Everything seemed to be intersecting that night. I was feeling pretty nervous to be taking care of my daughter alone for the very first time while my wife was on her first post-pregnancy business trip. I’d recently been talking to some friends about co-writing and the baby was sleeping fairly soundly by then, so I invited them over. (Also figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra hands in case I needed help.) After I sent the message, I realized I didn’t have a song to work on. So, I sat on the porch – guitar in one hand, baby monitor in the other – and wrote most of the first 2 verses in about the time it took to sing ‘em. After putting his older kids down, Charlie showed up to shape the story through a calmer, more experienced lens. Gabe couldn’t make the trip up from Galveston but chimed in on text with key images that tied the verses together while he tended to his own toddler. To me, it was the embodiment of the “takes a village” maxim as applied to songwriting: I couldn’t have written the same song before having a child. And I couldn’t have written it without the help of fathers who had already gone through what I was living at that moment and seen what the other side starts to look like. ”

Take a listen here. 

2Six One Five Collective

photo from Six One Five

Popular touring act, Six One Five Collectiveis following up their 2022 album release Coastin’ with a summer feel-good anthem, “Good Vibes.” Produced by Andrew Petroff and co-written by Six One Five members Michael Logen, Sarah Darling, Nicole Witt and singer-songwriter Jamie Floyd, it has a 70’s groovy vibe with a modern 2023 beat. In the video, you will notice local spot- Brentwood Skate Center.

Take a listen here. 

3Rodney Crowell

photo by Claudia Church

Crowell just released the music video for “You’re Supposed to be Feeling Good.” The song is a Crowell original that was first recorded by Emmylou Harris on her 1977 Luxury Liner record. While he had long intended to record it himself, the stars didn’t align until a new arrangement fell into place with Tweedy on guitar. The video, which was directed by Joshua Britt and Neilson Hubbard, features paintings created by Crowell and his two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Olive.

Crowell says, “I would encourage her to start a piece — to make any kind of design she wanted to with primary colors. When she would finish, I would basically try to get in touch with my own two-and-a-half-year-old self and finish our paintings. When Joshua Britt saw those paintings, he looked at them all and said ‘It would be great to animate these and make a video.’ So, I gave him 20-25 paintings and they did their magic with it. I showed it to Olive and at two, she couldn’t quite grasp what it was, but I could tell she was intrigued that she had something to do with this music video. And to me, that was worth the entire thing.”

Take a listen here. 

4Victoria Bailey

photo by Stefanie Lee Johnson

Classic country singer-songwriter Victoria Bailey has released her new single, “Forever, You & I.”

Says Victoria Bailey about the song, “This is a heartbreak song. Painting a picture of that tough transition of letting go of something that feels like home, it explores the never-ending daydreams of a first love.”

Take a listen here. 

5Mikayla Lane-Forrie J Smith-J Michael Harter


Rising country music starlet, Mikayla Lane, is collaborating with Forrie J. Smith (Yellowstone) and J. Michael Harter on “Let It Be Known,” available everywhere today. The artists drew inspiration for the song from their relationships with their fathers and the important impact they have had.

Take a listen here. 

7Dolly Parton

photo by Vijat Mohindra

Global superstar and recent Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Dolly Parton, today releases two new tracks from her forthcoming Rockstar album, arriving November 17. The original song “Bygones (feat. Rob Halford)” with special guests Nikki Sixx and John 5 and a personalized cover of the Rock classic “Magic Man (Carl Version) (feat. Ann Wilson)” with special guest Howard Leese are available now. The second and third tracks follow the release of Parton’s self-penned lead single “World On Fire,” which became a No. 1 song on the Billboard Rock Digital Songs chart upon release last month.

Take a listen here. 

8John Mellencamp

photo by Myrna Suarez
The much anticipated twenty fifth studio album from John Mellencamp—Orpheus Descending—is out today on Republic Records. Orpheus Descending was produced by Mellencamp and recorded at his own Belmont Mall Studio.
Take a listen here. 

9Pillbox Patti

Photo Courtesy of Monument Records

Recording artist and celebrated songwriter, Pillbox Patti, has released her latest single “Low Life” available now. While most people reflect on their first loves with rose-colored lenses, this unabashed truth teller removes the inflated fantasy and recounts the unsophisticated, but none the less impactful, romance that still gets her “high on the low life.”

Take a listen here. 

10Chris Janson

photo courtesy of Big Machine

As one of Country music’s most explosive stage performers and a songwriter that knows how to reach into both the raucous spirit, as well as the tender heart of Country music fans, Chris Janson has released his latest album, The Outlaw Side of Me, out now.

Take a listen here. 

11Gregory Alan Isakov

photo by Glenn Ross
GRAMMY-nominated singer, songwriter and musicianGregory Alan Isakov’s new song, “Before the Sun,” is out now. Of the song, Isakov shares, “I think I wrote parts of ‘Before the Sun’ when I was twenty-two, just as something for me. I’ve always played the banjo, but I’m not a trained banjo player or anything, and it’s something I felt a little bit shy about for a long time. But the song reminds me of working outside, and being outside, and I would play it on breaks from working.” Iskavo will be performing at The Ryman in October.
Take a listen here. 

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